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Fall Out Boy Reviews

Fall Out Boy unveil new album "So Much (For) Stardust" this Friday

Fall Out Boy is back! Die Alternative Rock Band veröffentlicht diesen Freitag ihr neues Album und präsentiert mit diesem einen...
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August Burns Red Reviews

20 years of August Burns Red: The band celebrates its success story with the release of its new album "Death Below"

There is hardly a band that has had such a strong influence on a genre that is now one of the most listened to styles of...
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Ihsahn Reviews

Ihsahn presents new EP "Fascination Street Sessions" on March 24.

Tireless, passionate and energetic, Ihsahn is one of the most accomplished musicians on the scene, always trying to evolve with their sound....
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Furious Monkey House Reviews

Furious Monkey House present third studio album "Oneiric" on March 17

With a new generation, music is changing and genres are being reinterpreted. A band that especially wants to change rock music...
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Matt Andersen Reviews

"Matt Andersen and The Big Bottle Of Joy" - Exceptional artist Matt Andersen presents his latest album on March 10.

If Matt Andersen stands for something, then it is to transform music into his own attitude towards life: The exceptional talent from Canada...
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