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Dead Poet Society

Dead Poet Society concert at Luxor, Cologne 2024

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7,000 miles away from home, a small stage in Cologne and 300 enthusiastic spectators who couldn't have imagined a better end to their week: We were on the road once again and got to experience an incredible concert by Dead Poet Society at Luxor Cologne. As part of their album tour "Fission" they played to a sold-out audience and left no box unturned.


Before Dead Poet Society took to the stage, however, Ready The Prince got things going. Known for their raw energy, the band impressed with an unpolished appearance that radiated its own charm.

At first they seemed more like a school band, but especially in the choruses they unleashed their fury and got the room roaring with songs like "Save Your Tooth". Ready The Prince is anything but regal, more rebellious, sometimes even a bit punky. We particularly remember their penultimate song "Backstory", which we can only recommend to you at this point.


After a short break, the show continued with Dead Poet Society.


We've been to a lot of concerts, but we haven't had such a surprising start to the evening for a long time:

Ready The Prince at the Dead Poet Society concert at Luxor, Cologne 2024
Dead Poet Society concert at Luxor, Cologne 2024

When Dead Poet Society took to the stage and announced their performance with "Hard To Be God", the audience immediately jumped to it and proved to be adept at the lyrics. The band moved energetically across the stage right from the start and fired up the crowd dancing in front of them. But singer Jack didn't seem to think that was enough, so he quickly positioned himself at the breakwater. The audience went wild, the breakwater swayed and Jack spontaneously jumped into the crowd for a crowd-surf while the audience below him sang "I know it's hard to be god".


Simply insane! It makes you wonder what the guys would do on a bigger stage.

Nach diesem energiegeladenen Start folgten weitere Hits wie ihre Single “Running In Circles” und “81 Tonnes”, den die Band als Tanz-Song beschrieb – eher ein Song zum Moshen! Aber auch ruhigere Stücke wurden gespielt, wie “I Never Loved Myself Like I Loved You”, die ebenfalls von der Menge lautstark mitgesungen wurden. Bevor man sich versah, wurden jedoch wieder schnellere, dynamischere Stücke ausgepackt, die vollen Körpereinsatz verlangten. Bei “Lo Air” schien die einzige Grenze der Band die Deckenhöhe des Luxors zu sein. Bassist Dylan war so in seinem Element, dass er nicht nur sein T-Shirt verlor und seine Gitarre mit der Zunge bespielte, sondern auch versuchte, die Boxen des Luxors zu erklimmen.


Absolutely crazy!

Dead Poet Society concert at Luxor, Cologne 2024
Dead Poet Society concert at Luxor, Cologne 2024

After an hour-long set and encore shouts from the crowd, the classics for which the band is best known were finally played: Not only was "Coda" sung along to by everyone, but also during the last song "Into Deep" the enthusiasm knew no bounds. The sweat, the beaming faces on and in front of the stage - it was simply perfect.


Dead Poet Society said goodbye with a loud bang and disappeared just as spectacularly as they had come on stage. We are already looking forward to hopefully seeing the band again soon and can only encourage you to do the same!

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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