On Spirits Tour with Vukovi and Siamese

Nothing More

Nothing More on Spirits Tour at the Live Music Hall Cologne 2024

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A concert, an experience, simply "Nothing More."


As part of their "Spirits" tour, Nothing More came to Germany together with Vukovi and Siamese and gave a sold-out concert in the Live Music Hall in Cologne, where fans gathered right from the start.


When we arrived fresh at the Live Music Hall, Siamese immediately started playing. The band, who present a mixture of post-hardcore and metalcore, delivered an impressive performance with their last concert of the tour. Their energetic performance, coupled with a dynamic stage presence, not only struck the right note musically,

but also addressed important topics such as mental health and politics. Particularly noteworthy is one of her latest songs "One Fire", which will also be featured on her upcoming album. An absolute must for fans!


After initially positioning ourselves at the back, we ventured straight into the mosh pit to experience Vukovi, who were performing next. Although we had already heard a lot about Vukovi, our expectations were definitely exceeded that evening.


For those who don't know them, Vukovi is a duo from Glasgow consisting of Janine and Hamish who offer a unique blend of pop, rock and light metal influences. Their eclectic sound attracted a wide

Vukovi on Spirits Tour with Nothing More at the Live Music Hall Cologne 2024
Vukovi on Spirits Tour with Nothing More at the Live Music Hall Cologne 2024

audience, and an energetic mosh pit developed right from the start of the performance. Frontwoman Janine has a captivating charisma and conveys a sincere intensity with her words, which is supported by her impressive facial expressions. Combined with Hamish, she forms a powerful duo that even challenged the drummer who accompanied them that night.


After this impressive performance, the audience was well warmed up for the highlight of the evening: Nothing More. Our clear recommendation for this band, which is undoubtedly influencing and shaping the metal landscape.

Nothing More started energetically and dynamically, just as we remembered from their last tour. When the first words of "Let'em Burn" rang out, no one in the room could stand still. The whole hall sang along to the words and the atmosphere was like that of a choir at a demonstration, with a multitude of emotions being released. The band showed an impressive stage presence that testified to their many years of experience and maturity. Despite their already outstanding harmony, dynamism on stage and natural interaction with the audience, they became even more down-to-earth and self-confident on this evening.


With songs like "Go To War", they addressed topics such as inner conflicts and expressed a variety of emotions, from rebellion against injustice to personal arguments.

Nothing More on Spirits Tour at the Live Music Hall Cologne 2024
Nothing More on Spirits Tour at the Live Music Hall Cologne 2024

Personal moments such as the birthday of their tour manager were also celebrated, underlining the bond between the band and their fans.


The audience celebrated this reunion with a variety of songs from Nothing More's band history, including classics such as "Jenny". But brand new, as yet unreleased songs such as "Sounding Like Danger" were also presented and were met with enthusiasm.


Nothing More's intense and dramatic performance was celebrated with increasingly large mosh pits, which for the first time were confined by the walls of the Live Music Hall during songs like "Spirits". The band was supported by an excellent lighting technician, who

captured the atmosphere of each song perfectly.


Nothing More ended the concert with an impressive solo on the stand toms, in which each member played one, proving their skills once again. Vukovi and Siamese also gave great performances that evening, which they received in the form of applause.


We are already looking forward to the next time and hope to see Nothing More play at bigger festivals in Germany, where they will, and that's for sure, also tear up the stage!

Nothing More on Spirits Tour at the Live Music Hall Cologne 2024

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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