The Rockfels Festival 2017

Axel Rudi Pell

Axel Rudi Pell at the Rockfels Festival 2017

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Live reports about concerts are our passion and a live report about a festival tops the whole thing of course. So we were really happy when Crocus invited to the Loreley (Rock Fels) Festival. Especially on metal legend Axel Rudi Pell we were excited, because we had never seen the guys live before. Already when entering the festival site you could see that we were not alone with our anticipation. Wherever you looked you could always find someone with a Axel Rudi Pell However, it was still a little while until the gig and so we explored the area and the acts beforehand (here's to the live reports: Kissin' Dynamite, Ugly Kid Joe and Crocus) and suddenly my phone showed 20 o'clock

and we made our way to the stage. After a short sound check entered Axel under thunderous applause the stage. Already at the beginning the guys gave full throttle and showed why they still belong to the best metal bands. From the beginning singer Johnny with his performance. Rarely have we seen such an energetic performance as that of Johnny seen. Always in motion, he used the full potential of the stage, which did not exactly simplify the work of our cameraman. One moment he was standing on the boxes, the next moment he was rushing along the catwalk towards the audience. We would have run out of breath just from walking and he easily belted one passage after the other into the microphone. Chapeau! But not only Johnny knew how to convince with his performance the

Axel Rudi Pell at the Rockfels Festival 2017
Axel Rudi Pell at the Rockfels Festival 2017

The whole show of the guys was an experience from front to back. Ferdy, the band's pianist, showed us that a keyboard is also suitable for a live performance. He tilted it during the game sometimes to the right sometimes to the left or grabbed it and ran with it to the edge of the stage. The fans celebrated each solo with thunderous applause. As drummer Bobby When he played a solo of several minutes with bare hands and ended it with a hit on the huge gong behind him, the crowd could hardly be held back. But especially Axel the name giver and guitarist of the band convinced with several solos during which he partly stepped down from the stage in front of the audience and greeted the fans with a handshake while he was playing.

Conclusion: Axel Rudi Pell is anything but audience shy in its performances. From the beginning of the concert to the end, they knew how to involve the audience in the show and carry them away. However, every good performance comes to an end and when suddenly the lights went out and the music stopped, not only we thought that this was the end of Axel Rudi Pell's performance. When suddenly Johnny's voice echoed through the speakers, shortly after the band started again and the show continued, the cheers were big, but thirty seconds later it was over and we were happy to have experienced a primeval rock of metal live. We, in the editorial office, agree that Axel Rudi Pell will be an experience for every metal fan! Should the guys ever play near you, a visit is worthwhile.

Axel Rudi Pell at the Rockfels Festival 2017

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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