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Escalation in Euskirchen - On November 17 this year, ten bands brought atmosphere to the sleepy Städle near Cologne. From rock to punk to metal, these contributed a fat sound to the festival and thus rang the third round of the annual Escalate Festivals one. Such an event (in the immediate vicinity) we did not want to miss, of course. Quasi we could have hit there on foot preferred however, also due to the quite cool weather conditions, the few kilometers rather by the car to drive. Already with our, quite early arrival, some visitors stood before the doors of the Escalates and waited for the entrance. The still very young festival changed this year from the Old casino into the Euskirchen City Forum. The fact that the location is

The fact that it was not the large main hall of the City Forum was in no way a disadvantage. The party atmosphere that emerged in the smaller side hall made the whole thing something really special. However, I am sure that the festival will soon outgrow these premises as well.
But what does the Escalate so special?
Certainly the charm of the festival lies on the one hand in the really successful mixture. 10 bands from the most diverse areas of the underground that range from Punk via Hardcore, Thrash / Groove Metal, Hard Rock up to experimental metal had the right sound for every lover of good, hard handmade music. But that alone is by far not enough to put on a really good festival. The recipe for a really good festival includes besides good music certainly also a


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A whole lot of passion, heart and soul, a certain amount of suffering and the unconditional will to give the "underground" a platform. All this and certainly a lot more is embodied by the organizer Martin Otte and his crew and these are exactly the ingredients that distinguish a festival from a really good festival. But now let's get to the day itself!
Just through the door of the Escalates we were welcomed by the crew in a very friendly way and already during the first sound check you could feel the special atmosphere of the festival which, as it was to turn out later, almost resembles a private concert glich. In the center of the room the stage, in the openly accessible side room the merchandise stand and with a bar directly in the hall filled the Escalate already at the beginning all the requirements for a successful evening... were missing only the bands which however

were not long in coming. Shortly after organizing something to drink at the bar, the first audience gathered in front of the stage to welcome the guys from Angel Grove, this year's opener of the festival. The three guys from Euskirchen, who we will introduce to you in a band review, left no doubt right from the start that they really wanted to open the festival despite the early hour. With a 90's punk sound, good mood and a lot of power in their luggage, they heated up the place right from the start. A really successful start into the festival - more about Angel Grove we report to you the days! Immediately afterwards were also already Keep Off The Grass on stage. For just four years the band has been performing on various stages in Germany and offers a really energetic live performance. Loud, wild and on every

Fall hard - Keep Off The Grass knows exactly how to get the audience to join in. True to their motto "Don't wait, make music", the four guys around frontwoman Nadine play the finest hard rock and shone at Escalate with a stamina that was contagious. The masses sang along loudly and we were also really taken by so much potential that words are not enough, but we recommend you to see the band live. We will definitely keep watching Keep Off The Grass and look forward to seeing them again soon! In the middle of the festival action, told Martin of a raffle that was to take place in the evening. Tickets, merchandise and other things should find a new owner. Of course, we also bought one, two, three tickets and even won something..... what it was, you'll find out later 😉 While the sun slowly behind

the roofs of Euskirchen, the concert hall continued to fill up and when the eighth band of the evening took the stage at exactly 20:30, the atmosphere had already reached its peak.
"The Frivolous Damsel of the Castle"
Even though the name might be a bit deceptive, Frivolen Burgfräulein is not a medieval rock band, but a punk rock band founded in 1991. The quartet from Bonn is not shy on stage and likes to chat with the audience. Also in their songs they don't mince words and thus stand out from the masses. German lyrics paired with a raw, poppy, but still punky sound that definitely makes you want more. Even at this year's Escalate Festival they gave their sound to the best.

and what would a Frivoles Burgfräulein concert be without a bit of chaos? True to this tradition, the guys punctuated their performance with the use of a confetti cannon as well as a misappropriated leaf blower, which was used as a "toilet paper unrolling device", and made sure that the Escalate Crew definitely didn't get bored afterwards. A spectacle with an incredible sound background! - My Immortals, definitely check them out. Between each concert break we chatted with a few audience members, drank and laughed together. Everyone we talked to was really excited about what the Escalate crew had put on and since we also had a lot of fun and would like to support Martin's commitment to "revitalize the underground in the region", we will introduce you to some of the bands that will be playing at Escalate in 2019 this year.

Of course we hope to see many of you Immortals next year again! But as it is, every festival comes to an end, but before the main act of the evening should bring it to a fitting end, Martin did not miss the opportunity to raffle a few things (T-shirts, CDs, hoodies, etc.) and what can I say my Immortals... we are now the proud owners of a drumstick and a sweatband of Hornado, which were also guests at the Escalate this year. After the raffle Ghost Basterds gave the last show of the evening and really turned up the volume. With hardcore in their luggage and an incredible stage presence, they managed a really good ending. This year's Escalate Festival was a real blast! With a touch of humor and incredible acts, the event proved that metal and rock have a home in Euskirchen. We enjoyed it and hope to rock the festival next year with many of our Immortals. Check it out, it's worth it!

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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