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As it should be, we started our concert season this year with a real banger and to celebrate this accordingly we have not one, not two, but three bands for you (Awake the Dreamer, Ghost Iris and Fight The Fight) in Cologne on your "Scandinavian Invasion Tour" in the "Jungle Club" visited. With Ghost irisWe had a nice interview with a metal act from beautiful Denmark, which you can watch above.
Arriving at the "club", we met the guys from Ghost Iris and members of the other bands playing soccer outside in the most beautiful weather.

After a short "Hello." we found ourselves already in the middle of the action at the table of the bands. Just like the weather, was also the mood and with good music, there was a lot of laughter so that we had the opportunity to chat with one or the other band member in a relaxed atmosphere. Just still with Hannes from Fight The Fight it was also already time for our interview with Ghost iris and so we headed downstairs to the "Club". Just like outside, the atmosphere during the interview was very relaxed and pleasant so that we also had a lot of fun here..... But see for yourself. After the interview quickly organized something to drink and outside still caught one or the other voice we went back downstairs not to miss the first band.


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To start three bands on a concert is always a mammoth task, because the audience usually still reacts a bit wait-and-see, reserved. Awake The Dreamer left this fact completely unimpressed, however, and so the guys gave full throttle from the beginning. Even the fact that the lower stage in the "Jungle Club" can not exactly be classified as very spacious for a metal band, took Awake the Dreamer quite calmly and so you extended the stage without further ado into the audience. Awake the Dreamer Live, however, stands, besides a good stage show, especially for solid melodic metalcore and we are sure that we will hear a lot more from the guys in the future.
"You gotta fight, the fight!....." - This sentence, which the guys from Fight The Fight shouted to the audience right at the beginning of their performance, has

has since burned itself into our memory and the accompanying track from your debut album, has become a real earworm. In general have Fight The Fight We and also the audience from the beginning, with their energetic show, excited and the mood for the following main act strongly heated up. The hard-hitting sound of the band, with its really good riffs is very individual and we can only recommend everyone to see the guys live. Our absolute highlight was the voice of Singer LarsDespite the loud guttural singing comes across very clearly and has made us speechless in the first moment. You could literally feel that the guys are made with body and soul for the stage and we will visit the band again for sure, at one of your next gigs in our area.

To all of you who don't know the guys yet, we advise you to listen to the debut album of Fight The Fight with the same name, because the disc is really great!
Spurred on by the atmosphere created by the opening acts, the band gave Ghost iris from the beginning full throttle and started the show right in the middle of the audience. A whole concert directly in the auditorium, we have not experienced so far and not only with us, but also with the fans, this was really good. The sound of the band is a mixture of hard, rugged passages that often merge into melodic refrains. The distinctive voice of Singer Jesper underline the whole thing and make Ghost Iris a real live experience. But also the show of the guys and especially their audience proximity as well as the constant interaction with the fans confirms Ghost iris rightly as

one of the best metal acts in Denmark/Scandinavia. Ghost Iris convinced us from second one so that we are sure to hear more from the guys in the future. For us, the band has definitely made it into our top ten "must-see live acts" and to you my Immortals I can only recommend to experience the guys live once. Of course, at the end of a great concert evening the obligatory walk to the merchandise stand is not to be missed (greetings to Shanti!). Nice of them to give us Fight The Fight and Ghost iris the CDs also immediately for our "Starlight Trophies" signed and thus started the triumphal procession of the "Scandinavian Invasion" in Cologne rounded off perfectly. After a few exchanges of words, we said goodbye to everyone, made our way to the car and drove off with "Gods Of Neglect" from Ghost iris home...

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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