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"Well if you say it's better off this way. It's time that I let you go ".
With these words begins the latest work "Order In Decline" from SUM41which was released in the middle of last year. Since then, the punk giants have been on the road most of the time, touring the most diverse countries and not missing the chance to stop by in the metal & rock stronghold of Germany. At the beginning of the year, they toured together with their latest piece in the tour bus, across Europe and stopped in the Mitsubishi Electric Hall in Düsseldorf, where we visited them. Arriving at the Mitsubishi Electric Hall, we were surprised to see that two hours before the concert, the first concertgoers secured the best seats in the queue.

For us it was the first time in the Mitsubishi Electric Hall and so it took a little while until we met the manager of the band, Andrew, could locate on the huge site. Andrew greeted us warmly and led us directly to the band, where we were waiting for Cone the bass player of the band. Of course we didn't want to miss the opportunity to visit the guys one more time at one of their concerts and combined this with a little interview. Cone was very open-minded, nice and brought to the interview one or the other interesting story, which of course we do not want to withhold from you! Everything about the tour, their latest album and Cone as 'president of the world' can be found above. Have fun! After saying goodbye to Cone and Andrew, we were allowed to spend the rest of the time until the concert in the hall itself and look around a bit: The Mitsusbishi Electric Hall includes.

with its total span of 9.4 M, has a visitor capacity of almost 7,500 people and is thus ideal for larger events. Already sizes like My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars or KISS played on its stage and thrilled thousands of spectators. That night, the concert was not sold out but the hall was nevertheless properly filled. We joined the crowd that crowded into the hall upon entry and positioned ourselves right at the edge of the stage, which gave us the best view of the set. Zebrahead, the first band of the evening, had already set up shop and brought their very own bars. After all, comfort has to be possible on tour. We didn't know exactly what to expect, since we didn't know the opener beforehand, but one thing

we can tell you that it was one of the best concerts we have seen so far. For more than two decades the band has been on the stages of this world and enriches the audience with a sound that promises a lot of good mood: Ska, punk as well as rock are the ingredients that make the Zebrahead - recipe do so well. With a lot of charm and a bit of wit, the band is characterized above all by the close contact with their fans, which we were able to experience live this evening. When a 'moser' in the pit hurt himself, the guys didn't hesitate long and asked him to come on stage. Under thunderous applause he drank together with the band at their liquor bar and was allowed to stay there for several songs. Madness! That they had an affinity for alcohol, we noticed quite early. With their song: "Drink, drink oh Düsseldorf. Drink, drink with me. Drink, drink oh Düsseldorf. Until you have to pie ".

Enthusiastic Zebrahead the entire audience, which swayed to this song like at a folk festival. The evening was exuberant, relaxed and we felt it was a great pity when Zebrahead left the stage. A band that is not from this earth - We are looking forward to the next concert with them! After Zebrahead said goodbye to us, a well-known playlist came into force, which the guys from SUM41 also played on our last concert visit two years ago. On stage they were working, microphones were adjusted and finally a white curtain was raised. Impatiently we waited to see the guys again and together with surrounding fans we were looking forward to the upcoming show. After a few minutes of suspense, the time had come. The lights went down, the intro played and the curtain fell. Standing under a rain of confetti, welcomed

SUM41 with the first song the audience and showed why they are rightly on stage since 1996. The original rocks of punk came back with new as well as old classics. From their first album "All Killer, No Filler" with their first song "Makes No Difference" to brand-new watchmakers such as "The New Sensation" from her last work "Order In Decline" they played a really good mixture of all their previous albums, with which SUM fans definitely got their money's worth. We especially liked the alternation between slow and fast songs, which was really well chosen. Their show was dynamic, powerful and definitely an experience in itself. SUM41 came up with quite a few ideas for this concert and really surprised us in parts. One moment that has remained particularly in our memories was when Deryck (singer) noticed that the mood in the audience tilted a little and he asked them if

they should play something faster. This was reciprocated with loud cheers and Deryck rushed into the crowd with his guitar. He made his way a little through the audience to the technology, which stood in the middle of the room. There, surrounded by fans, he sang the next songs loudly with them, laughed and talked a lot with them. A goosebump moment, which one does not forget so fast. Back on stage, the band gave their all once again, displaying an unparalleled energy. After almost two hours of concert it was time for the band to say goodbye, but they were brought back on stage by loud shouts of "encore" from the fans. There they played well-known songs like "In Too Deep" to the best and let with "Never There" on the piano, the evening comes to an end. My Immortals, both bands are real insider tips that you definitely have to see live. A true experience that you should not miss!

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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