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It was a long and hard way that we fought to get to Twelve Foot Ninja in Düsseldorf at their performance at the Zakk. Crammed into a car much too small for the long drive, we conquered nerve-wracking traffic jams and fought with the pitfalls of the navigation system which refused to let us bypass the traffic jams and all that to be on time at 18:05 in front of the doors of the Zakk, because we were there with Dylan the manager of Twelve Foot Ninja were arranged. In the luggage a few cameras, interview questions and a lot of good humor. Not quite recovered from the drive, the iron, red doors of the Zakk already opened where we were then welcomed by Dylan, most friendly. Since we could already enter the building before the official admission, we strolled casually up the stairs, right through the large

Reception room, past the beer tables and the bar out into the beer garden where Dylan asked us to wait briefly, as the sound check was still in full swing. So we sat in the middle of all the hustle and bustle between crew and staff of the Zaak and waited patiently with a cold beer. While we were still philosophizing about why many of the band members were walking around in flip-flops, Dylan came up to us with Kin (the band's singer) in tow. After a very casual greeting, Dylan led us through the concert hall, across the stage (slaloming past the already set up instruments) to the backstage area. Arriving there, we immediately noticed a fat fruit basket, which was enthroned on the dark shelf. After a casual conversation with Kin, who was sitting relaxed on a chair and our question whether we want to conduct the interview in German or English, we agreed to conduct the interview in English because he was of the opinion,


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to conduct the interview in English because he thought that our English was probably better than his German ;). Already after the first few minutes the interview developed in a very relaxed and pleasant way so that a lot of good mood arose... But see for yourself. After the interview we enjoyed the great weather in the beer garden and waited for the show to start. Here, too, you could tell that the atmosphere was special. In the midst of the fans sat Twelve Foot Ninja and Uneven Structure and chatted with each other. The whole thing exuded more the atmosphere of a good party. The anonymity to the bands, which is more common at larger concerts, was completely alien here, which made the whole thing something special in advance. After a couple of cool drinks, we decided to enjoy a good

to get a seat in the quite manageable concert hall. Arriving directly at the stage next to the speakers, Uneven Structure already started with the opening act. The six-piece band from beautiful Metz in France, who joined forces in 2008, play finest progressive metal. With a strong stage presence, especially Matthieu Romarin (the singer of the band), with his powerful voice, really heated up the crowd. Freshly tattooed, the cling film still on his arm, we remembered especially the bassist of the band, who reminded us of a lead guitarist with his performance. The performance of the guys was just awesome! With passion they managed to captivate the fans and thus paved the way for Twelve Foot Ninja. The crew from France has shown that they have a lot going for them, which is why we are looking forward to another reunion with the guys. At the end of your

Twelve Foot Ninja came on stage to toast with the guys to the end of a successful tour. Once again you could feel the special atmosphere of this concert. During a short rebuilding phase not only we noticed the very special background music, which we didn't expect at a metal concert. But Twelve Foot Ninja are known for mixing different genres, so the sound of the Jackson Five coming out of the speakers was somehow not really a surprise. Quickly the break still used for refreshment at the bar, we saw there a cup with ear plugs standing. In wise foresight, we grabbed what should later turn out to be a real stroke of luck due to our place in front of the speakers and back into the concert hall. Hardly arrived there, the first sounds of the song "Collateral" already sounded from the speakers and Twelve Foot Ninja entered the stage.

From song to song the atmosphere increased and the band knew how to involve the audience. Again and again the band joked with the audience and you could clearly see on the faces that it was fun for both sides. The change between the "funk-heavy" passages and the harder, faster choruses really captivated the audience. At times it seemed as if the whole room was in motion. Everything pogoed, banged and jumped so that the pit that had formed could hardly be perceived as such. When the band entered the stage again after the last song under the frenetic cheers of the fans, the atmosphere was at its peak and when Stevic started the last song of the evening a few songs later with the words "Have you been busy?" the crowd was unstoppable. The masses went wild when the first notes of "One Hands Killing" rang out and the atmosphere at this point would have probably carried away even someone who doesn't know the band.

A tour conclusion as one can only wish for. But the guys didn't just leave the stage, they brought Uneven Structure back on stage to have a farewell drink with them. During the show the band thanked their fans and sang a birthday song for Dylan, the manager of the band, where the fans joined in. After a few handshakes with the fans, the guys left the stage, it was quiet in the room and we were still carried away by the mood of the evening on the way home and can only recommend to everyone to see Twelve Foot Ninja, should the guys play here again.

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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