On ``We live loud`` tour with Willkuer


Unantastbar concert at Essigfabrik Cologne with Willkuer

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Our magazine has already been drawn to many concerts, but we have not yet been to a pure German rock concert. A circumstance we had to change and of course we didn't want to go to just any German Rock concert, which is why we chose something very special for our debut and therefore visited the guys from Unantastbar at their concert in the Essigfabrik. Pouring rain and beaming faces standing close together in a seemingly endless line in front of the Essigfabrik awaited us when we got there. Usually we like to join the waiting people in front of the entrance to have one or the other conversation with the fans there.

But today we used one of the press advantages and sneaked past the queue (with a slight guilty conscience in our luggage) and asked the security to save our cameras from the pouring rain. Arriving at the hall, we wondered how the seemingly endless queue outside should still find room, since the hall was already very well filled.


Sold out.


Hardly time to think about it, because the guys from Willkuer were already getting into the swing of things and fired up the masses with "Für immer ist ne lange Zeit" and so we noticed right at the beginning that the atmosphere at a Deutsch Rock concert is something very special, as we have rarely seen fans so confident in their lyrics that

Unantastbar concert at Essigfabrik Cologne with Willkuer
Unantastbar concert at Essigfabrik Cologne with Willkuer

In addition to the lyrics, we especially liked the pogoing crowd, which was almost unstoppable during songs like "Heimspiel". The guys had a lot of fun with it and thanked us at the end with a very last song, "Scheiß egal", before they disappeared from the stage.


Swelling heat was noticeable after this gig, but unfortunately there was no way through to the tavern. So we used the short break to talk to some of you at the merch stand of Willkuer, when Unantastbar already entered the stage after a short intro. Already as singer Joggl belted out the first passages of "Die Hand, die ich mir reichte" the whole hall started to support him loudly. You immediately noticed the synergy between the fans and the band and that the fans

to 100% were reflected in the lyrics of Unantastbar, as if they had experienced them themselves. Unantastbar provided enough material for this in the form of new as well as old songs, which included classics like the band's eponymous name. In their songs, the band sang, similar to Willkuer, about stories that life wrote and thus shared their experiences with their fans. Besides good mood songs, it was mainly songs for hard times and songs written for all those who have lost their way and just need the necessary kick in the right direction that stayed in our minds and where we were very impressed by the interaction between band and fans. One of these moments occurred when Untouchable played the song "Forever mine". In the bridge Joggl sang "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" alternating with the audience.... Pure goose bumps!

Unantastbar concert at Essigfabrik Cologne with Willkuer
Unantastbar concert at Essigfabrik Cologne with Willkuer

An equally memorable moment appeared in the last song when Moritz, singer of the band Willkuer, came on stage. Together he performed with Unantastbar and for fans of both bands there couldn't have been a nicer ending. After almost two hours Unantastbar said goodbye with four more songs as an encore, whereby Joggl promised to drink with the fans after the show, so that the concert went not only two hours, but for one or the other certainly a lot longer.


Unantastbar and Willkuer played a German rock concert in a familiar atmosphere that made you forget the worries of everyday life for a short time and gave the audience and us some memorable memories.

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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