The Euroblast Festival 2017

A Kew's tag

A Kew's day at the Euroblast Festival in Cologne, Germany

My Immortals.. Welcome to BEHIND THE NOISE!


A good festival is always characterized by individual acts that stand out from the masses with their music or their performance.... Yes, my Immortals, we were on the road again! Yours Crew had the chance to join this year's Euroblast Festival in the old-known Cologne, to pay a visit and met various bands from different corners of the world. Today's band, about whose gig at the Euroblast Festival we will now report to you, has been on the market for quite some time and comes from Germany, just like us. Our studio is talking about A Kew's Tag. The four guys, Julian Helms (singer), Johannes Weik (guitarist), Alexander Mayer (bassist) and

at least Florian Weik (drummer), stand out from the crowd with their raw and dynamic sound and can certainly be called "unique". The special thing about the A Kew's day Music style is the sound of Johannes acoustic guitar, which is the core of their sound. This mix of acoustic and rock alone makes A Kew's Tag a band you really have to see live. During a short interview, our studio was able to learn more about the band as well as their music. A Kew's Tag was pretty relaxed and there was a lot of laughter... But see for yourself. At the Euroblast Festival the band played on the smallest stage we have seen so far, the Side Stage. Despite this circumstance, the four-member troupe managed to

A Kew's Day play at Euroblast Festival 2017 in Cologne, Germany

to put on a show that actually left our magazine speechless. From minute to minute the small cellar filled up until the person next to you was almost hanging in your drink. A Kew's Tag really heated up the masses and thus created a very relaxed but also energetic atmosphere. Our absolute highlight is and remains the moment when the guys played "A Poisoned Mind": Ten minutes of pure goosebumps..... Simply madness!


A Kew's Tag left a really good impression on our magazine and recommends you, should the guys play in your area, to see them live!

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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