Alex Melton to release "Southern Charm" on Jan. 23

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Alex Melton invites you to switch off with his debut album "Southern Charm" + A cover album with its own "charm

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Stick To Your Guns, The Amity Affliction, Four Year Strong goes country? We also had to smile about this combination, but this mixture works:


Full-blooded musician and multi-talent Alex Melton releases his debut album "Southern Charm", on Monday, with which he opens up a new sound to the world. Known for music covers on YouTube, of which many went viral, all fans of the musician now receive an exquisite selection directly for their homes.


Alex Meltons music originates from South Carolina, Florence to be precise, where he lives together with his wife. For more than a decade, he has been doing covers of well-known songs on YouTube and presenting them to his community in a new, special variation. Mostly pop punk, country or rock, the musician does not always use just one genre, but combines many with each other. Over the years, this has resulted in a large community and now also an album, which will be released via Pure Noise Records.


"Southern Charm" is a warm and honest album that reinterprets well-known songs from metal and rock. Classics like "Married To The Noise" are accompanied by soulful, raw country rock that reminds you of sunny days and takes a different direction than the original. The message, however, remains the same, which is the "charm" of the album. It sounds different, fresh and you have the feeling to discover the songs for the first time, which can often be difficult with a cover, because you compare it with the original. However, this comparison does not apply here.


For this album, the artist has enlisted the help of Tom Denney, who has also worked with bands like A Day to Remember and Alan Day, who is himself the singer in the band Four Year Strong . Both have brought their rock and country influences to Alex's existing unique style, creating the distinctive blend you hear on "Southern Charm".


“I pride myself on not having one singular sound every time I do something. But at the same time, you want it to have some type of through line, something that you could call my style or voice. We had a lot of fun taking all my influences, mixing them around, and then spitting out a new version of them all.”


"Southern Charm" is, that much is certain, a unique experience that takes you on a nostalgic trip to the moments when you heard the songs for the first time. On this personal journey of memories, you are accompanied by Alex's raspy voice, which gives you the feeling of having arrived.


“I have a desire to perform and record original music, but I also have a desire to not be on the road for most of my life. I love hanging out with my wife and cats every day. I don’t have to be anywhere. Some people might not be artistically fulfilled playing other people’s songs, but the way I go about it leaves a lot of room for artistic fulfillment. I feel like there’s a lot of potential I haven’t even tapped into yet.”


The musician has only scratched this potential with "Southern Charm" and will hopefully be heard on more albums soon. An absolute recommendation from us!


Photocredit: Ashley Mays


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