All Nine Yards present new album "Red"

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All Nine Yards start the new year with second studio album "Red"

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All Nine Yards couldn't have started the new year any better - on January 5, the band released their long-awaited second studio album and released with "Red" a fresh, modern alternative metal sound, which I would like to present to you today.


All Nine Yards were formed in 2017 when guitarist Marc and singer Dian met by chance at a gig. One thing led to another and the first song was quickly written. This was followed by the release of their EP "Silver", their first album "Blue" and numerous appearances, including at several festivals. A small fan base quickly formed around the band, which has recorded 2.5 million streams since 2019. All Nine Yards have everything a good band needs and underline this with their latest work "Red".


On their album "Red" you get to hear a band that likes to experiment with modern sounds. Pop influences are mixed with metal and rock to create catchy melodies and dynamic choruses. Versatile is how their new album can be described, in which All Nine Yards play with fast rhythms, anthemic passages and different genres to create a coherent overall picture. It always remains very melodic, but without losing the momentum through the necessary heaviness.


Lyrically, the band moves between dystopia, fears and despair and repeatedly sets contrasts with emotions such as hope or light-heartedness. In their album, the band reflects the complexity of our inner emotional chaos and accompanies this with the appropriate background music.


All Nine Yards have created an expressive album with "Red" a varied work that never ceases to surprise. Particularly energetic songs like "Frozen" I can recommend you, but also quieter pieces, like the last song "One Anthem"should definitely be listen to.


Listen to the new album on Spotify .


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