Alt. present new album "Abeyance

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Alt. present their debut album "Abeyance" - Our "Album Of The Month" for June

Hi and welcome to Lila's review!


Futuristic, unconventional and spherical -. Alt. present their brand new album on June 16 "Abeyance" and thus release their versatile sound.


Our "Album Of The Month"!


Founded in Adelaide, Australia is Alt. a band that already with their first work "dysfunctional" has attracted a lot of attention: In their music they combine different styles of metal, from modern metal to deathcore, and incorporate influences from other genres like electro or pop. The result is a sound that is dark, stirring and at the same time so energetic that it gets under your skin. So too, in their new album.


Translated describes "Abeyance" a state of uncertainty, of standing still, which again contrasts with what you get to hear on the new album. But if you imagine the seconds as well as minutes between the uncertainty and the accompanying inner chaos, it gives the theme of the album a completely different meaning. Within ten songs this emotional chaos is presented in all its facets and packed in melodic choruses, intense breakdowns as well as aggressive rhythms, which in turn lead to emotional interludes. "Abeyance" is versatile and surprises you again and again with unexpected styles and tempos. At the same time, the band manages not to get lost in their complex interplay, but rather to create a harmonious overall picture.


A newcomer band that can already keep up with their debut album on a high level. At this point from us.. Chapeau! About the album tells singer Dan:


“We didn't really know what Abeyance was going to sound like initially. The first two songs that we had for ABEYANCE were polar opposites from each other, they were WRAITH and BETTER OFF LEAVING, the former being pretty much the first proper track and the latter being the last song on the album. We started off trying to fill in the gaps between those at first, but a few songs after that we really found what we wanted the sound to be - and it all really started with A.D.D, that was the first song we wrote that we were like: ‘Yep, this is the sound of ABEYANCE!’”.


Alt. has created with their new album a work that brings out the inner demons and their many faces in a dialogue with the listener. In its sound, the band offers refuge and at the same time brings a successful change in the modern metal that they have reinterpreted for themselves. A band that you will definitely hear from again and whose debut album I can only recommend.


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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