Anda Morts veröffentlicht neue EP "Montage" diesen Freitag

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Montage: Anda Mort's powerful new EP to be released this weekend

Hi and welcome to Lila's review!


In the midst of the maelstrom of climate change, social inequalities and everyday challenges, one musician is shining a light into the darkness with his latest release. This Friday, Anda Morts presents his second EP "Montage", which strikes a powerful note in his usual punky style.


Nothing is glossed over here, but remains unadulterated and, above all, art, as the singles "Sommer" and "Eigentlich" have already made clear. Anda Morts, who was also among the top 5 nominees for this year's Amadeus Award, spares no effort in this work to provide an insight into his complex universe of sound, while retaining the familiar touch of lightness that characterizes his music.


In "Montage" you hear an artist who addresses things directly instead of remaining silent. From love relationships to one's own path that others don't understand, to wanderlust for sunshine and the desire for fresh air - the musician also addresses the conditions that many prefer to hide: disorientation, lack of freedom or simply not feeling like it. Anda Morts also lends these moments a melody that is particularly striking due to its simplicity.


German singer-songwriter art meets post-punk, combining modernity and nostalgia. It is not only dynamic and rousing, but also captivates with sometimes trance-like vocals. Anda Morts is anything but conventional and brings a successful change of pace with "Montage".


Not only can you look forward to the musician's new album, but also to a tour under the same name. The tour starts on April 7th in Munich and leads through Germany and Austria. Tickets are available here.


With "Montage", Anda Morts not only has a lot to tell, but also reveals a fresh, honest sound that doesn't solve the problems of this world, but provides the right background music to make them a little easier to bear.


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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