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It was probably the last concert for us this year and we can hardly believe what a great ending it was! We had the honor to accompany the founders of metalcore themselves, August Burns Red, on their concert in Cologne, touring together with Bury Tomorrow and Novelists. The concert took place in the Live Music Hall, which was completely sold out: The fans stood from the stage to the entrance door and crowded close to each other. The Live Music Hall is one of the larger concert halls in Ehrenfeld, which reminded a bit of concerts from the 80s because of its quaint, nostalgic atmosphere.

Nothing stood in the way of a memorable living room concert, where Novelists FR greeted us as soon as we arrived. Novelists FR is a newcomer band from Paris with both French and German roots, which is why singer Tobias greeted the masses in German after the first song. A week before the tour started, Thornhill first and then Miss May I dropped out, which is why Novelists FR stepped in for them. Not only the fact that one of their band members took over the sound and accordingly he wasn't on stage, but also the ease and professionalism they put into their performance impressed us. Fans of the band were definitely allowed to pogo to old as well as new songs and let out the energy from the previous week in the circle pit. In addition to the very good interaction with the audience, the band convinced with their sound. One guitar soli chased the other, which was followed by their spherical

August Burns Red concert at the Live Music Hall Cologne

Metalcore sound. An opener that not only made the crowd sweat, but also set the mood for the following bands. If you don't know the band, you have the chance to listen now , it's worth it! After Novelists had already heated up the crowd, the next act of the evening followed: August Burns Red. Just listened to it on the way to the show, the band was standing in front of us, belting out the first song, a cover of System Of A Down's famous "Chop Suey". Sick! The audience immediately jumped on it and sang along loudly, resulting in a chorus that filled the entire hall and provided the first goosebumps moment of the evening. The first crowdsurfers announced themselves and moved over our heads to the stage. August Burns Red, whom we knew, deliver live an incredible concert experience.

But being there and seeing it yourself is something completely different than just reading about it or watching videos. Especially singer Jake had such strong facial expressions during the individual songs that you could literally see how intensely he felt every single line he sang. Even if you couldn't understand the lyrics, which he manages to do very well in spite of the screaming, you just know what it's all about. On stage, the band harmonized very well with each other, joking around and sharing those individual moments with the fans. Especially on this evening you could see so many fans singing along with the band, looking into each other's eyes and knowing exactly that the other one understands. August Burns Red have a lot of experience and know exactly what their fans need and when, for example, a Wall Of Death. You could see on both sides how much fun everyone had and the nicer it would have been if the band would have given an encore, it had to be done.

They still had to stick to their schedule and allow the next band their place on stage. One of the best moments for us, was when drummer Matt came down to talk to the fans and thanked our photographer Arno for all the photos. A small thank you, but one that made the evening all the more memorable for us.


"Find me trapped inside my head..." The band started their performance with "Choke" from the "Cannibal" era. The song was immediately sung along by the audience, who had been waiting for this moment for so long. Singer Daniel also seemed to let out all the pent-up energy from the Pandemic and screamed himself into a frenzy during the song. After a bit of silence, he spoke on behalf of the band to the fans, who cheered his words vigorously after each break.

Daniel told that he played in this band since he was 16 years old and just Cologne belongs to one of the cities for metal bands, which they themselves were extremely excited about. Again, Bury Tomorrow played not only for themselves, but with and for their fans, who knew almost every song by heart. So many times Daniel talked about how grateful the whole band is for this concert and described the audience as a family that has to stick together and did so through the pandemic. Not only did the cohesion for the music weld the two together, but the words Daniel spoke against racism and discrimination just showed that the band creates a safe place for their fans every night, which we just have to take our hats off to. For all the others who didn't stick to it, Daniel also had the right words: "There's the fucking door...!"

Not only moments like these, but also clearly their performance, the choice of their songs as well as the harmony between the individual band members clearly stand for another visit to a Bury Tomorrow concert. Also the fact that the band simply played a new unreleased song from their brand new album rounded up the evening perfectly as the last concert for this year. Happy and of course with a tour shirt in our luggage we were sent home after the last song "Death" by Bury Tomorrow. All bands gave a great concert this evening, on which we could laugh and celebrate a lot. We hope to see this combination again soon and can only recommend seeing all bands live!

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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