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"Out of nowhere" sounds a scream - postcore in the middle of Freiburg

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"Out of nowhere" appear Notschrei and their first record in a time full of turmoil. In the middle of summer this year, the five Freiburgers released their debut work and spread with it their raw, melodic sound, which can not be stopped by anything.


The band consists of the members: Tilman Collmer (Percussion), Gilang Agitama (Guitarist), Markus Fürderer (Singer), Klaus Kirschbaum (bass player) and Daniel Witzke (Guitarist).


The guys have been playing in this constellation for almost two years and use their talent to be loud for those who don't dare to play themselves. Thereby the members of Notschrei are no strangers to the Freiburg metal scene and are themselves in various bands including Decadence, Proke and Code Red active. With a mixture of postcore, melodic hardcore and German lyrics, they speak in their EP about society, social ills and their own psyche. A gloomy atmosphere is created that goes through marrow and bone.


The EP was recorded at the beginning of the year in the IguanaStudios at Christoph Brandes.


Notschrei is not afraid to raise their voice and talk about what moves them. It's a band that stands out especially for its honesty and we can only recommend you to listen in and see for yourself. How the heroic journey of the guys will continue remains to be seen in the future. We hope, however, that it is not over so quickly.


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