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One evening. Four bands. What more could you want? On a Saturday this month announced the third BlattTurbo band night and the small village of Stotzheim, near Euskirchen, was shaken up. Of course, we did not want to miss such an occasion, also and especially for the organizers. "Otte", in its mission to provide a platform for the underground here in the region. Well attended by fans of metal and hardcore culture. In order to have a conversation or two before the concert, we decided to arrive a little earlier. When we arrived we already met the first fans of the local metal and hardcore culture in front of the doors of the

Klosterhof and welcomed first of all "Otte" who introduced us, before we entered the hall, directly once Torsten the singer of Sober Truth. The Klosterhof, large and rustic, provided not only a pleasant atmosphere for such an event, but also plenty of space for the individual merchandise stands, which the bands had set up in the niches on the sides of the hall. All in all a very pleasant location. It didn't take long, when with Right To Remain Dead also already the first live - act the stage. The band from Cologne / Bonn plays finest Melodic - Death and that since four years. Already at the beginning the guys put an insane energy into their performance and convinced not only with their endurance. Their tempo increased from song to song and even if it is never easy as an "opener", the guys heated up the audience right from the start.

A rebuilding phase and a few minutes later stood already Unlines on stage. UnlinesThese are five guys from the district of Aachen, who especially stand out for their stage presence. Continuing the energy of the previous performance, the guys brought a melodic as well as dynamic sound into the "halls" of the Klosterhof. Hard as well as soft tones characterize their style and bring variety. Always in motion made itself Unlines The band made the stage their own and convinced the audience with their closeness to the audience. An impressive performance, which one likes to watch twice. Half time. Microphones were plugged in, guitars tuned and the audience waited impatiently for the next act. NMAC we have last seen on the Escalate Festival and had already been thrilled at that time.

The band represents a sound with a strong character, which is characterized by various influences. Not only elements from rap are in it, but also from metal and hardcore. Accordingly, they gave 100% buttkickin' Nu - Metal to the best on the band night. Without pretending, they delivered a show that stands out for its naturalness. NMAC brought the place to a "boil" and went one better with every song, so that the mood was so good with their song "Move Bitch Move" reached the absolute climax, because you can enjoy not only live, but also sounds good through your own home - boxes. So slowly the evening draws to a close and the last act entered the stage. Sober Truth. Besides singer Torsten with whom we could already talk before the concert exists Sober Truth further from Jules (Bassist), Necroslaughter (drummer)

and Aaron (lead guitarist) from the distant Siegburg. In the luggage a distinctive, unmistakable sound, the band settles in the Prog Groove Metal area. With a lot of passion and professionalism, their performance was characterized by an enormous stage presence. Sober Truth combines the classic, dark sound of progressive metal with melodic elements that we would place in the groove metal area. This results in a really successful sound, which gives the band a high recognition value. Especially impressive was the playing of the young guitarist Aaron that really showed potential. Sober Truth offers with a very good overall package a really successful show, which we hope to see again soon. What a band evening! It definitely wowed us and we're already looking forward to the upcoming one on July 13. My Immortals, be there and don't miss anything!

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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