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It was the last concert evening before the apocalypse - at least we didn't know at that time what all will come up to us and what challenges we would still have to face. But we do not want to talk about Corona here and now. We think that many people report about it, and that's why we want to tell you about the good things. On March 7 BlattTurbo again to a band evening and that with proper noise. Four bands, which served the most diverse music genres from alternative rock, punk to metal, dropped by in the tranquil Stotzheim and made the stage of the Klosterhof shake. The start was made by Ad & The Beards, an up-and-coming rock band from Cologne. Consisting of Adriana

(vocals), Felix (drums), Micha (guitar) and Matthias (bass), the young musicians bring a fresh, lively sound to the stage, which is located between alternative rock and blues. Especially on band night, the band reminded me steadily of the beginnings of Paramore, but with a charm all their own. Especially Adriana's smoky, dark voice gives the soulful tracks but also the more dynamic songs a very own style, which stands out especially in songs like "Monster" or "Headache in the morning". Although had especially Adriana At the beginning they had to struggle with not being able to hear themselves, but after a while the quartet played so well together that it didn't detract from the performance. Especially exciting was their last song choice "Killing In The Name Of" from Rage Against The Machine which not only pleased us, but inspired the whole hall to sing along. To

This energy had to tie now 11redearth and we can already tell you, they did that with bravura. Last we had seen the guys at the Escalate Festival 2018 and were already then so much excited by their music that we were curious to see how the guys have developed since then. In their music, the four-piece band combines the most diverse directions from hardcore, experimental metal to groove metal and create their very own sound, which they themselves call "Eifel Noise". Already at the beginning of their performance, when singer Simeon started with an intro played on a Dijerido, a dark atmosphere was created, which was especially underlined by the continuous bright red light. In this tension, the musicians brought a dynamic and expressive performance, which literally captivated you.

Especially Simeon was so engrossed in the performance that it made the impression that he was singing himself into a trance. 11redearth has in our opinion not only musically, but also lyrically the potential to play at the top. So the guys pack some German text passages in the predominantly very profound, almost poetic sounding English lyrics and underline the music so that the language change is almost not noticeable. We can only advise everyone to see the guys live once.... should not be missed. Volume are five guys from Euskirchen, who are currently recording their new album. They embody a relaxed and freedom-loving sound and tell in their songs with a lot of charm and a lot of passion about everyday problems, love and other socially critical topics. Live, we were allowed to see Lautstärke already before on the last Escalate Festival in November 2019 and were eager to see how the boys would perform on the larger

stage in the Klosterhof would present. To our delight, the guys did not miss the opportunity to present a brand new song from their upcoming album, in addition to the songs from the current disc. The crowdfunded album will be released this year as soon as it is ready, we will let you know of course! Lautstärke showed a lot of humor on the band night, joked with the audience and above all had one thing: fun with the music. Especially during the last song "Nebel" you could clearly see that. They let the fog machine run until first the drummer and then the rest of the band disappeared in the fog. Shortly after that, even the audience couldn't see their hands in front of their eyes, which didn't make it any easier for the following band to perform. Despite the persistent fog entered shortly after Volume, Flame Rising the stage.

At first only dimly recognizable, the guys got going. It had a little something of a blind audition, but this sharpened our attention to the sound of the band. Flame Rising played a sound that we would classify in the pure metal area and combine it with experimental as well as melodic sounds, which stand out especially through the guitar. To this sound the guys also wrote their eponymous anthem, which they also presented at the band evening and was sung along loudly by fans of the band. Furthermore, the guys told on their performance about their new disc "Liberation", which will be released soon. Flame Rising, despite the fog, performed from the first to the last second and received applause from the audience. The BlattTurbo Band evenings are events that especially promote and support the underground and its bands. Even in such crisis situations, the bands need your support to continue to make music.

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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