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Even if half the world is going down on our doorstep, masks are the latest trend in the supermarket as well as at work, and even Wacken is closing its doors, the LeafTurbo Magazine from Euskirchen continued. Despite the many obstacles posed by Corona, the crew from BlattTurbo to give the virus the finger and just do their thing. Because who else brings good live music to Euskirchen? Last month, despite the many hygiene requirements of the city and the danger that no metalhead dares to go near the Klosterhof, the magazine nevertheless held the ninth BlattTurbo band night. Divided into four compartments, affectionately called cells, and a photo pit, was prepared for the visitors in the best way with masks

as well as enough distance prepared. Especially the photo pit had us quite taken, because this offered enough space to take photos up close in front of the stage. In the individual cells, everyone who was assigned to them was allowed to pogo or join in the party, as long as they kept to the restrictions. But not only Corona proved to be a challenge for the BlattTurbo band nightbut also the fact that two bands had to cancel shortly before, which meant that out of four bands only two gave the Klosterhof a little normality. Again, the best was made of the situation: the first band played one hour and the next filled the remaining two. With the first band, the first show started late in the evening. Fuchsbau have their nest in Bonn and play, according to their own statements, punk rock, which they mix with a touch of alternative rock and English lyrics.

This is how the melodic, light rock sound we heard on the last BlattTurbo band night were allowed to experience. Still a bit insecure at the beginning, the four of them quickly settled in and made themselves at home on stage. From one song to the next they became more relaxed and transferred this energy with their sound to the audience. People were singing along and laughing as well. Fuchsbau proved to be a fitting opener that will surely be heard from in the future. But before the next band proved themselves, there was from Otte still a little serenade for the birthday of the LeafTurbo Magazinewhich was celebrated on this day. An old classic from the Dead pants "To the bitter end" was revived and sung along by everyone in the hall. Simply an incredible moment... With this goosebump feeling the guys from Plug-in pelvic ticks more.

On this evening, for the first time, we got to enjoy the so-called Schlager-Punk, which the Plug-in pelvic ticks in all its facets to the point. Schlager punk? We also had to grin at first and puzzled whether this compilation sounds at all. It did. Schlager-Punk is a homemade mixture of a groovy, melodic punk sound and the distinctive voice of singer Johnny Lovegodwhich ranges from classical vocals with a cool accent to a full growl. Especially this mixture of classical elements and modern styles from the metal, punk and hardcore area make this music style something unique. Thereby the band reinvents itself in almost every song and can be Grönemeyer or Cowboy Imitate shine. The figurehead of this colorful troupe, which is limited to five band members, is Johnny.

In a suit printed with silver stars and a glittering hat, the young artist entered the stage and of course attracted all eyes with his fancy appearance. Everything that is possible in a time frame of about two hours stage time is also made possible so seemed the motto of the band. From a fetzigen Breakdance number, to a baptism up to the singing lesson with the public one was allowed to or may one with a SBZ Concert to really adjust to everything. A band you can definitely have fun with! Our highlight of the evening. Despite the many ups and downs, which made the BlattTurbo band night it did not detract from the whole concert and was really a memorable experience. We are looking forward to the next band evening on September 12 and hope very much that you will come, too!

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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