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BlattTurbo band night

BlattTurbo band night

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After a somewhat longer break, the Klosterhof was once again the place to be for "underground", which the BlattTurbo team delivered in the form of metal, rock and punk. The magazine from Euskirchen has made it its business to support the local cultural scene and to give it a stage for its music. That this goes down well was shown at the very first band evening of the year. When we arrived at the old-established pub with its quaint character, we were checked in advance. Every visitor, no matter if booster, unvaccinated or pop enthusiast had to bring a daily test to the event to be let in.

The organizers insisted on this to minimize the risk on site. It was important to them that everyone could be there without being excluded in any way, so BlattTurbo: "We focus on equality for ALL and want to rock together with you healthy and lively." Immediately after the control, we were also already Ice Cream At The Alligator Park who sang the first song on the stage. The first band of the evening, Ashkoze, we have unfortunately missed, but were allowed to this already on the Escalate Festival and we can only recommend you to have a listen - you will get an insight into their performance here..

BlattTurbo band night
BlattTurbo band night

Ice Cream At The Alligator Park have not only brought their instruments, but also their entire fan community, which has traveled especially with a bus from Cologne. The last time we saw the band was almost two years ago with a singer at the band evening, who was quickly replaced by singer Miri. The change of the singer could already be felt at the beginning, whose successor apparently brought a bit more looseness into the band. With a punk attitude and a mischievous smile Miri danced across the stage, made jokes with the crowd and did not take it upon herself to bang on the drums sometimes. The band harmonized very well and conveyed a groovy alternative rock sound that really put people in a mood and even the audience liked it so much that the band got a rain of applause. Definitely a highlight of the evening for us!

The following bands also gave a memorable performance, which continued the energy of the previous show. So did, Rules Of This Gamewho proved themselves already the second time on the band evening. Missed the first time, we saw the band this Saturday for the first and certainly not the last time, of which the duo convinced us. With their self-titled mixture of alternative rock and EDM, called "Electrative Rock", the band delivered a unique sound with recognition value, which animated the audience to a wall-of-death, among other things. To their expressive sound - where we can only recommend their music videos to you at this point - and the cheers of the crowd, were performed by Rules Of This Game also addressed current issues, such as the war in Ukraine. In addition, there was a clear statement of the singer with the expression

BlattTurbo band night

"Fuck Putin", to which the next song was already intoned. The conclusion of the evening was made by Volume, which we have been allowed to accompany live really often. To see their development and to be allowed to watch them at their concerts is always exciting and to get to hear maybe one or the other new song anyway. Volume took the already heated mood and put it into their songs. The band was in tune with each other, showed a strong stage presence and surprised with a good mix of fast and slow songs, which kept their typical punk meets alternative rock sound. The sense of humor was maintained as always and showed it especially in songs like "Fog", where the fog machine of course had to be turned up to the max.

and they were no longer to be seen. An hour passed so quickly that even Volume at some point realized that they were slowly approaching the highlight of the evening: Otto's birthday! The organizer and founder of BlattTurbo celebrated his birthday on April 3, for which of course the band volume should serenade. In the half hour between time was given by the band again everything, be it covers or even a spontaneous band rehearsal, you got to hear a lot! It was celebrated exuberantly, also the visitors got the chance to sing something, even if one or the other would have to practice again, haha. We liked the band evening and we are already looking forward to the next one!

BlattTurbo band night

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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