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After two years it was finally time to wake up the small town of Euskirchen with a good load of metal, punk and rock music and to make up for what was not possible because of Corona. The Escalate Festival. In the Klosterhof, which already provides a home for the BlattTurbo band evening, the cult festival moved in and brought with it nine bands that promised variety with their different sounds. The rustic, rough location is ideal especially for an underground festival like this and thus a magnet for the scene from Euskirchen and the surrounding area. Already at 1 pm the mood at the location was boisterous and there was a lot of laughter. The people were all in a good mood and we were looking forward to welcoming some familiar faces again.

as Otte and his crew. For many who were there, and also for us, it was sometimes one of the first festivals after a very long time. Because of Corona, so many concerts were canceled and festivals cancelled, it was no wonder that the anticipation was high. Also for some of the bands, it was one of their first gigs they played this year, which of course meant that we are not just talking about a normal festival, but a demolition party. In addition, there was a diverse line-up of different genres and nine bands that filled the festival with their music. These included: Rauh, Dead Mans Soul, Angel Grove, Druckphase, Sober Truth, NMAC, Am Limit, Lautstärke and finally Mazed. Best conditions for a successful evening. After checking out the first bands, we grabbed some fresh air and met Druckphase and N.M.A.C., who were playing outside.

enjoyed the festival feeling. We greeted each other and chatted a bit about the past until the guys from Druckphase had to leave for their gig, which we didn't want to miss either. That we missed concerts became clear to us when Druckphase entered the stage. The band, who just recorded their second gig this year with This, put so much energy into their show already with the first song that we were speechless at first. Intense and dynamic, Druckphase quickly took the stage for themselves and used every free centimeter to heat up the audience mightily. Besides well-known songs from their eponymous work, they also played a new song, "Apokalypse Zeit", which we will soon get to hear on their new EP. With this performance, Druckphase had set the bar high for all upcoming bands and was also for us, one of

of the many highlights at this year's Escalate Festival. Among the highlights mentioned, however, are not only the bands that played on site, but also the entire atmosphere and location. In the hall, where the concerts took place, there were smaller merchandise stands of the bands in indentations, where they sold their t-shirts, stickers or even new EPs as well as albums. This proved to be a good opportunity to get to know new artists and their music, because you could meet them directly after the concert at their merchandise stand and talk to them. The relationship between the audience and the bands is always close at the Escalate Festival, which is why it is always possible to meet people from the scene and make new contacts. A trait that we really appreciate at Escalate. When Sober Truth had finished their set, we already wrote about them in our last Live report.

N.M.A.C. continued with a strong and energetic start. On this evening we were allowed to see the band with frontwoman Mary for the first time and were very positively surprised, especially the interaction among each other, especially since the band has not existed in this constellation for a long time, was impressive. They challenged each other, visibly enjoyed the show and everyone who watched N.M.A.C. play on stage could not escape the atmosphere. Versatile and dynamic they played their way from one song to the next. Besides well-known songs like "Bulldozer" the band also played a new song called "Collapse", to which the band has already released a music video, which by the way is also available in a collab version with singer Madete from Druckphase. We recommend you at this point to listen in any case and

Not to miss N.M.A.C. at their next live performance. It's worth it! Escalate Festival became even more crowded as Mazed (one of the headliners) finally reached their destination and brought not only their crew, but also had their entire fan base arrive in a bus. It immediately drew people inside, where Am Limit were already waiting for them to play their farewell concert. There were moshing and loudly bawling along to the individual songs, including a cover version of the Wolfgang Petry song "Wahnsinn, warum schickst du mich in die Hölle."
This year's Escalate Festival brought a successful mix of different sounds, musicians as well as spectators, which together created a memorable evening that we will be so happy to repeat next year.

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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