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Once upon a time, not so long ago, a couple of giants went out into the world to bring you my imortals of nu-metal. We are of course talking about Korn a nu-metal band from California or more commonly the "Golden State". Fieldy and Head, as they are affectionately called, decided at the time, since they liked to play guitar together anyway, to form a band. No sooner said than done. Since the two of them are only a duo but not a band, they asked Munky if he would like to make music with them and they thought that Munky's long hair would fit perfectly into the band. From then on there was still someone missing on the drums, whereupon David Silveria, who was only 13 years old at the time, convinced them with his outstanding playing. Previously still under the name L.A.P.D. on the road, the guys met Jonathan Davis in a bar where he was active as a singer on the side. In 1994 Korn was signed by the label "Immortal Records" and released their first album called "Korn" in the same year. This was the first step.


The album caused quite a stir in the scene, because the style of the guys was rather unknown until then and thus (initially) critically eyed in the scene. But what was so new? Characteristic for Nu-Metal are the changes between loud and quiet passages in other words between aggressive and quiet sections. Another typical feature is the rhythm guitar in the foreground. Also, nu-metal groups often stand out with its somewhat extravagant clothing style ... as you can see well with Slipknot. The genre is derived from parts of heavy metal, grunge and hip hop.


With over 35 million albums sold and two Grammys, Korn is now one of the most successful bands in your genre. But increasing success also means criticism, of course. Many critics claimed that the albums would always revolve around the same themes and thus offer little variety. But people always like to talk a lot and Korn is and remains for us a fixed institution in music. Therefore, we are not influenced by such reviews and would like to suggest you to listen to Korn (if you do not know them yet) urgently.


Korn already stood on festival stage like Rock am Ring as well as Download. If you want to see Korn live, you will soon find the tour dates of the guys for Germany with us.


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