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This is SUM 41 - A Tape Review

Hi and welcome to Lila's review!


With a big bang 2016 has said goodbye to us. Now we want to ring in this year with a real institution from the genre punk - rock!


At least anyone who once American Pie has seen should Sum 41 be a household name. The band comes from beautiful Canada and was founded by Debryck and Steve for the time being as "Caspir" founded. "Caspir" initially played as NOFX, which is active in the punk genre, cover band. Two became four and "Caspir" was "Sum 41". This change, happy for today's fans of the band, took place when David Bakesh and Jason McCalisn joined the band and the name "Caspir" was shortly thereafter renamed "Sum 41"The name refers to the day on which the band was founded. The name refers to the day on which the band was founded - the 41st day after the beginning of summer.


The foundation was followed by the first demo "Rock Out With Your Cock Out"which was released as a demo tape in 1998. The basis for this was a Island Records sent video on the Sum 41 were fighting each other with water pistols while one of their songs was playing in the background. As a reaction from Island Records they were taken under contract. What do we learn from this: You're never too old for a water fight.


Under the label Mercury Records they published their first EP which received gold status in Canada. On May 8, 2001, the first album was released and provided their final breakthrough. Songs like "Fatlip" climbed to the top of worldwide charts. That same year the band went on tour and played over 300 concerts. Among them a few TV appearances and opener for blink-182. The following album became even more successful than the last one. "Does this look infected?" reached gold status in three countries and platinum in Canada. Before the completion of the third album, the crew traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo on behalf of the UN to shoot a documentary film. In the process, their hotel came under fire. Thanks to a helper, the guys got out unharmed. To honor this heroic deed, the band named their third album after their savior "Chuck". The lyrics in this album are more serious compared to the previous albums. "Pieces" is the first ballad of the band. Since their beginnings until today released Sum 41 seven albums so far.


The guys already toured around the globe and were on various festivals. Furthermore they toured with cult bands like The Offspring or with the friendly band Bon Jovi. 2016 enriched Sum 41 the Warped Tour with their music.


But such a band can't exist without an award and so they won two "Juno Awards" for their albums "A Killer, No Filler" and "Chuck" and won a "Woodie Award". Furthermore, the guys are not only active in the music business, but have also produced their own cartoon series. This was based on "Stickman Moss" a superhero who protects the world from the anti-punk people.


That's it from us for this week!


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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