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My Immortals, last time we told you quite a bit about the band Druckphase and their latest singles that they have released. "Apokalypse hat Zeit", a dynamic wake-up call, the loud steam maker "Ventil" as well as the catchy single "Mir geht es gut" will soon be joined by more songs that we got to hear for the first time during our visit to the Trafostation 61 festival. But more about that in a moment. Druckphase is a band from the Alternative Metal, who combine different influences in their sound and tie it to a total package, which can only be described with the words "unique" can be described. Their songs are mostly in German, but sometimes surprise with English passages. Druckphase stand for an energetic sound that can fully unfold especially live.

We were allowed to see this band live again and that after almost a year. Last time we had seen them at the Escalate Festival and were even more pleased when the band invited us to this year's Trafostation 61-Festival invited. To celebrate their 10th birthday, Druckphase started the festival weekend and were allowed to ring it in properly. Of course we didn't want to miss that, so we set out to visit the band on site. Luckily, mine and Jack's sense of direction is so bad that we used Google Maps to get to our destination. The Trafostation 61 festival is so hidden that it is hard to find it between all the country roads and trees. After we were shown where to park, we went to the festival site, which was waiting for us in the middle of greenery.

The small festival from Frechen is definitely a jewel and maybe that's why it's so well hidden. It consists of two smaller squares, which are located next to each other and surrounded by trees. On one stand rustic wooden booths, in which food and drinks were offered, which could be enjoyed comfortably in one of the many chill-out areas. In between joined stalls, such as the one of BlattTurbowhose crew we met there. The magazine from Euskirchen was there to support newcomers, to talk to them and of course to promote the band evenings. With the line-up, which was increasingly composed of smaller bands from the Cologne area and more, so a must-have. On the second place was the stage with a large open area, which invited to pogo. Also there were again

Possibilities to get drinks and enjoy the show. It should be said that the prices at the festival were perfectly okay and affordable, which is usually not the case. Arriving on time, Druckphase already entered the stage in the summer heat. With a gripping intro, the band members gradually introduced themselves to the first visitors, who slowly gathered around the stage. Not much was going on at 4 p.m., but with time the meadow filled up. Druckphase sang the first song, "Mir geht es gut", which already indicated that the band would not hold back. For the guys there was no stopping them and right at the beginning they put on such a dynamic performance that you didn't know where to look first.

Especially live, there's something about the band that just sweeps you along. All three have a strong stage presence and at the same time harmonize very well with each other, which is not a matter of course with three strong artists. Druckphase is no longer a newcomer band trying to find their place, but an expressive group that knows what they want and which stages they want to play on. At the Trafo Festival the band showed a very high level of professionalism, as we only know from them, and brought along one or the other feature that made their performance a total concept. For example, in their song "Unsere Zeit", in which they raised their flag in the song and saluted under it. This was also present in the new logo of the band, which they presented this year.

Besides new songs like "Apokalypse hat Zeit" and well-known ones like "Wake Up", a good mix was created that was meant for fans of the band as well as newcomers. We were surprised and pleased by the presentation of two brand new songs, which will hopefully soon be released properly. The two songs "Wie Du heißt" and "Willst Du mich" showed also this time what is in the band and definitely brought the necessary energy to make even the more lethargic audience move. Like mosquitoes to the light, the place filled with spectators, to the excitement of the band, who, when the audience went off during the song "Feuer", completely freaked out out of joy about it. The necessary kick for the last song as a demolition was thus certain, which is why "Ventil" is also one of our favorites both as a song and live. Closed just as dramatically as the

at the beginning sounding intro with the golden megaphone. Madness! Getting Druckphase as opener was definitely the right decision here, although for us the band was still a highlight compared to the other bands - which were also very good.


After the concert it was first to avoid the heat and drink something. The rest of the day we spent between concerts and the BlattTurbo booth, where we talked with Andi and Otte about old days and of course music. A successful day for a nice festival, which we can only recommend to you. You should definitely visit the band on their Websitefor the latest tour dates, as well as on Facebook and Instagram. But we also keep you up-to-date.

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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