The Rockfels Festival 2017


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Our editorial team had set out to follow the Rockfels Festival on their Loreley but our team could only spare one day, so we decided to see as many bands as possible to give you the feeling of the first day of the festival as good as possible (reviews of the bands you can find at here). The evening was slowly coming to an end. The sun disappeared behind the hills of St. Goarshausen so that the sky behind the stage shone in a light red, tone in tone to the stage light. The sound check had been going on for some time and the stands were getting fuller and fuller.

Expectantly, I turned my gaze to the action in front of me and searched the stage for the band members of Gotthard off. Except for a few people scurrying across the stage, there was nothing to see. Around me I heard a lot of laughter and whispering. Excitement spread through the crowd and when I thought I could get something to drink, just at that moment the first sounds rang out and the Rockfels welcomed the band members of Gotthard on stage with loud applause. From the very beginning the Swiss rockers left no doubt that they wanted to end this evening with a real firework and so they opened their performance with a successful interpretation of a true classic by Joe South (Hush). A real highlight of the day was the performance of guitarist, Leo Leoni. Especially Leo's Solos where he played the guitar partly overhead were a real experience.

Gotthard offered both vocally but also from the performance a really successful performance and brought the atmosphere literally to boil. Besides the many energetic pieces, we especially liked a ballad about an old love, which singer Nic sitting on a chair in the middle of the stage which gave me goosebumps from the first moment. Gotthard was definitely the right choice for the headliner of the first day. With their energetic performance and the relaxed interaction with the audience, they created an incomparable evening that our studio will not forget again so quickly. But as it is, every good performance comes to an end, but for the fans of Gotthard this was probably not an option they were willing to accept so easily.

The crowd demanded loudly after the first encore for another one whereupon the boys under the condition this with your friends of Crocus agreed to play together. Two Swiss rock giants on one stage alone that was worth the visit. The crowd was enthusiastic and welcomed Crocus now for the second time on stage that day. The last song of the evening, a Crocus Classics performed by two veterans of rock on the stage of the Rockfels our studio was thrilled and celebrated the successful conclusion, slightly flashed by the experiences of the day, on the way home ...... Gotthard, a definite... "must see".

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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