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A few years ago I discovered Highly Suspect, a band that literally drew me in with their unique blend of blues, psychedelic and rock. Their very honest way of making music and at the same time simply following their passion has already attracted me with their first album "Mister Asylum"so enthusiastically that I also infected our whole mag with it. Then recently we received a message that I have been waiting for a long time: October promotion announced the tour "The Devils In The Detail" and offered a live coverage, which we accepted directly. When then also the question came in whether we wanted to have an interview with the band, the answer was also clear here: Hell yes!

So we set out on July 12 to pay a visit to the Luxor in Cologne and meet the band on site. What was waiting for us there? Read for yourself. Arrived at the familiar location, which we already visited several times at other concerts, we already called Martin, who welcomed us warmly at the location. The schedule was discussed and we set up our interview set to the sounds of the sound check. A bit away sat Finn from The Picturebooks at the counter, which I will tell you about later. Since we set up our equipment directly at the merch stands, we used the last waiting time to examine this as well. Besides T-shirts, hoodies, printed in bright colors, and caps, there were also CDs and vinyls, just exactly what makes a fan's heart beat faster.


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A short time later came also already Highly Suspect to us and instead of only our announced interview partners Rich and Ryan to welcome were also Mark and Matt with us. The band was very accommodating, funny and among other things told us something about the creative process of the new album "Midnight Demon Club", with which band they would like to be on stage (#QueensOfTheStoneAge) and much more. You can watch the whole interview right here. At the end was Ryan so nice and gave me the cap from the group photo as a souvenir. At this point: Thank you so much! A good interview in the bag, now it was briefly eat something to be able to return strengthened to the concert. The time went faster than expected, so we were briefly back in the Luxor, this time directly in front of the stage to watch the first band.

We hadn't heard anything from the guys before and realized already with the first song that this was a mistake. Fresh from the stage of Hellfest, stood The Picturebooks now directly in front of us on the small stage in the Luxor to play a show for thousands for just about 300 spectators. In one hand the guitar, in the other the microphone there was for singer Finn After entering the stage there was no holding back at all and the first song was belted out. Drummer Philipp was equipped with a self-made set of drums, a kuglock, marching sticks as well as a matching drum. He didn't need more to do the same as his band mate and break a sweat during the first song. The Picturebooks play a mix of homegrown blues-rock, alternative rock and pack in a distinctive touch that makes these

characterizes two exceptional talents. It felt like being on a road trip through the woods, accompanied by the desire for an exciting adventure. Musically, the band was right on point and left even Jack, our photographer, speechless. But also lyrically the band tried to take the audience with them and stand by them no matter how they feel, where we can tell you at this point "Zero Fucks Giver" can recommend. The Picturebooks was a real experience that evening, which we definitely want to repeat. The guys are still on tour and might play one or two festivals near you. Check them out and don't miss them! During the break we visited Finn at the merchandise stand and spoke with the musician, who commutes with Philipp between Gütersloh and Los Angeles.

Interestingly, they both just play by feel and have never really learned to read music or anything like that. A few words exchanged, two T-shirts bought and we went back to the stage, where the main act of the evening announced himself.


Highly Suspect was ready. The intro sounded and I remembered again the words of Richwho talked about how much he is looking forward to the album, because then he can finally finish playing the intro. This teases namely the first song of the album "The Sound", which is also one of our favorites - but more about that at the release. The camera pulled out it went already for Jack into the photo pit, but to our Pesch was sent out after the intro, because photos were apparently not wanted after all.

Too bad, because we wanted to show you more of the concert, but so I write in detail about what we saw: Highly Suspect seemed, according to our impression, to have missed the stage. The sweat ran quickly from their clothes, which were soaked after the time. With songs like "Lydia", "Bath Salts" or "Serotonia"The first pieces of the concert were intoned and it was immediately clear that this will be an unforgettable concert. Loudly the individual pieces were sung along by the audience, which was sometimes so loud that even the band could hardly be understood. Especially Matt you could see the joy, who completely spent himself on stage and still continued to use every inch he had to give full throttle. Also the other members like Ryan operated their instruments like crazy and hardly gave themselves time to catch their breath.

Not without reason, because the band actually played modified version of the actual songs, creating a perfect transition to the next. One guitar solo followed the other and created enthusiasm in the audience, which anyway was blown away har. Between smaller solo performances by Johnny, who also wrote the song "Fly"The band sang together with the crowd, and the interplay of the entire band was a selected repertoire of their best songs that let you review the band's history. It was so warm in the room, that to the half also water was distributed. There was no real statement from the location yet, but to all appearances the ventilation must have been broken, because it was not on. So everyone stood sweaty in the crowd and enjoyed the time they had with the band.

After an insane concert, there was already an encore of two songs that finally sealed the demolition and with "Pink Lullaby" sent the crowd into the evening.


When we went out into the cold evening air, the ambulance was also there, which treated a few of the people for whom the heat was too much. A circumstance that will hopefully be remedied at the upcoming concerts, as we know the location but certainly. We enjoyed the concert and look forward to telling you about the band's new album!

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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