Imminence release new album "The Black"

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Imminence present exciting new studio album "The Black"

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"There's a monster growing in our heads. Whisper words of death" - With their fifth studio album "The Black", which will be released this Friday, Imminence present possibly one of their darkest and most captivating works. On twelve tracks they introduce us to their unique sound.


Intense, energetic and captivating right down to the last note - an album that won't let you go.


Imminence has always cultivated its own musical identity. Not only have they created a unique fusion of classical and metal, but they have also woven in elements from their native Scandinavia that make their music incredibly atmospheric. The result is a sound that is both fragile and powerful, expansive and breathtaking - a sound that adds many facets to our favourite genre.


With "The Black" we not only get to hear another masterpiece of their hard work, but also their first self-released album, which the band is releasing independently without a label this time. Singer Harald comments:


"We've always embraced the DIY ethos – it's at the core of who we are. The success we've attained is a product of our own vision and hard work. While our incredible team has played a crucial role, we remain deeply immersed in every aspect of our band. The decision to go independent wasn't made lightly; we had many internal debates about whether we were up for the challenge. Looking back at the singles released in this cycle and the milestones achieved in such a short time, there's no doubt that going independent was among the wisest choices we've ever made."


Between lonely notes that Harald sings into the void and dramatic choruses in which we already see ourselves in the midst of thousands shouting "Heaven Shall Burn" together, their new album is extremely versatile. Despite the many different rhythm changes and styles, it never loses focus. It feels as if we are being guided through the individual songs and accompanying Imminence on their journey through mental problems, self-acceptance and depression. The individual emotions resonate clearly, literally screaming out in anger, fear or despair. Imminence definitely don't hold back on their new album and make this particularly clear in songs like "Come What May" or "The Call Of The Void".


Our journey is a testament to what can be achieved when you believe in your own abilities. I sincerely hope that this album serves as an inspiration to fellow emerging artists, urging them to pursue their dreams and embrace artistic creativity and independence. It's a rewarding journey, and we encourage anyone who might consider this path to take that leap of faith." - Harald


Imminence has clearly proven that they are not only musically talented, but also possess the boldness and determination to turn their artistic vision into reality. With "The Black", they deliver an impressive body of work that emphasises their evolution as a band and their capacity for self-determination. It is a call to all to not be deterred by obstacles and to boldly go their own way.


Photocredit: Oscar Dziedziela


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