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For more than a decade it has been bringing modern metal to the most diverse corners of Europe, and this when the first cold October and November days are already arriving. Always greats like Parkway Drive, Suicide Silence or Terror in the luggage, this already played in more than 52 different cities and that from England, Denmark up to us to Germany. The speech is from the all-famous "Impericon - Never Say Die! Tour"which year after year attracts a wide variety of fans and bands around the world. Also this year the cult festival returned and visited, among others, England, France but of course also their own homeland Germany. When we learned that this year the "Never Say Die! Tour" took place in Cologne and also a, well known to us, band

we didn't think twice and ended up at the Essigfabrik in Cologne a few days later. Here is our report. - The authoritative source of ideas is the respected fashion label Impericonwhich was founded about 15 years ago and is now based in Leipzig. The German company sells merchandise, streetwear, concert tickets, albums and other things that make a metal heart beat faster. Since 2007, the "Never Say Die! Tour"The festival takes place annually in various European cities and includes on average between 20 and 25 concerts. More than 44 bands from different areas like metalcore, deathcore, hardcore punk as well as post-hardcore already took part. To mention are of course acts like Stick To Your Guns, Architects or as previously stated Parkway Drivesome of which have toured several times.


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The Essigfabrik was filled with numerous fans that evening, waiting to see their live act play. Despite its size, the Essigfabrik is one of the top locations in Cologne for us to watch concerts in a living room-like and pleasant atmosphere. Especially the direct contact to the bands makes this location a highlight. This was also the case on this evening. Directly after the first concert we met Ethan from Great American Ghost at his merch stand. As the first band of the evening, it's always hard to bring the fans along and really get the atmosphere going in the store. But Great American Ghost proved to be very hard-headed at this point. With influences from hardcore punk as well as metal, the guys presented a striking, hard sound, which made the first visitors thaw out. The band from Boston was touring in Europe for the first time at this point, and they put on a great show.

The bar for the other bands was pretty high. Still in the last two songs the first circle-pit of the evening was formed, with which the band said goodbye to the crowd after almost half an hour. When we Ethan then, as already mentioned, met and talked a little with him, he was of course exhausted but rightly so. Also the following bands like Alphawolf or Our Hollow, Our Home pushed each other and heated up the atmosphere in the Essigfabrik. There was moshing, pogoing and the all-famous Stage Divin could not be missing, of course. But on this year's "Never Say Die! Tour" the focus was not only on the shows themselves, but also on the topic around their own mental health. During the changeover phase, shortly before Polar started to play, there was an appearance by Brent Schroeyens on behalf of the organization Hope For The Day on the

Stage. Hope For The Day is a non-profit organization that focuses on suicide prevention and mental health and aims to raise awareness through the use of music as well as art. Brent himself came into contact with the organization when he lost someone to suicide. He asked in the round whether also one of us had such experiences so far and if yes, one should raise the hand. Many came forward. Brent then asked the entire room to raise their middle finger. "This is a big Fuck You to everyone who says a mental health is a sign of weakness, who says a mental health shows somebody can't handle life or it's just a scream for attention." Wow. According to the motto of the organization "It's OK Not To Be OK" Brent said goodbye to the crowd under thunderous applause and cleared the way for the next band. One of our highlights of the evening,

Until shortly before their performance, we had not heard of the band before, but this turned out to be a mistake that had to be corrected. Originating from the land of unlimited possibilities, the five-piece band embodies its own distinctive sound. With influences from hardcore punk, metal as well as experimental metal King 810 creates a very dynamic and varied sound. While their very dark intro started, the guys entered the stage partly masked and opened their performance in absolute rigidity at first. With the first notes the band awoke from this and started right away. With a strong stage presence as well as an intense, trance-like performance they continued the energy of the previous gigs and really heated up the place. From song to song, the audience became more and more relaxed and it took

Never Say Die! Tour from Impericon

not long, the first began to pogo. The band took advantage of this and played themselves more and more into rage. The special thing about King 810 is the ease and perseverance they put not only into their songs, but also into their entire live performance. The sound, which ranged from soft to loud tones, literally went through your heart and soul and simply left you speechless. King 810 put on an incomparable show that you have to see with your own eyes to comprehend. Be sure to check it out! After the band said goodbye to the masses, it was time to welcome the first headliner of the evening. Already mentioned above, we were invited to this year's "Never Say Die! Tour" to see again a band we know. In Hearts Wake. Two years ago we had visited the guys at their concert in Gebäude 9 and singer Jake Interviewed on site.

We were very curious to see how the band had done so far and what they would probably offer us this evening. In Hearts Wake just entered the stage and they already started to play. The masses started to move and the first stage divers were not long in coming. The band had brought a selected repertoire of old and new songs to the concert, including classics like "Departure" or "Earthwalker". They packed these into their all-typical metalcore sound, which could be really seen on this evening. Modern, fresh and with a lot of passion they made sure that the audience certainly didn't get bored and encouraged the crowd to a Wall Of Death from time to time. In Hearts Wake was fully in their element, you could tell. The band convinced us once again with a strong performance,

which shone most of all through the interaction with the fans. This evening, In Hearts Wake was not only about the concert itself, but also about their home country Australia, for which they collected donations during the entire tour. At the moment there is a fire in down-under and by buying merchandise the band wants to support the local people. A mad action and a mad concert! - Chapeau.until deep into the night, played the last headline of the evening, Crystal Lake and let the evening thus duly end. The "Never Say Die! Tour" of Impericon is an experience in itself, which we would like to suggest you to experience yourself. A relaxed atmosphere, personal contact with the bands and of course a lot of music! - Our magazine definitely enjoyed it and who knows..... Maybe we will see each other next year.

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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