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Kill The Lights

Kill The Lights Konzert im MTC, Köln mit Drawn By Evil

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In a world surrounded by chaos - wars, uncontrolled climate change - it sometimes feels like sanity is slipping away. But in the midst of these dark times, we decided to escape the daily grind for a while at the weekend and listen to a band that brings a change of pace with their concert. After all, who needs the burden of worry when bands like Kill The Lights exist?


Kill The Lights visited Germany for selected concerts as part of their tour and ended their journey with a performance in Cologne in front of around two hundred enthusiastic fans. In the welcoming atmosphere of the MTC, the band offered an intimate concert that perfectly suited the location.

The MTC, known for its underground atmosphere, was filled to the brim, which provided enough space to move around, but also enough tightness for an energetic atmosphere.


Before Kill The Lights took to the stage, the opening band Drawn By Evil warmed up the audience with their modern mix of metal and hard rock. A little hesitant at first, the young band picked up as their set progressed, making the messages of their songs more forceful. In a slightly gloomy atmosphere, Drawn By Evil shared thoughts about self-reflection and inner demons, while at the same time giving their songs courage without losing any of their heaviness.

Kill The Lights Konzert im MTC, Köln mit Drawn By Evil
Kill The Lights Konzert im MTC, Köln mit Drawn By Evil

As Kill The Lights finally entered the stage, the beginning was spectacular. The band had cleared all the unnecessary frills from the stage and merely kept a microphone stand alongside the actual instruments. No complicated soundboards or additional equipment - instead, the band made full use of the space on the MTC's small stage. Singer James placed one leg on the drums and let out a powerful growl, which the whole band followed. The dynamics, the heaviness and the energy were palpable, especially in the interplay between bassist Jay and James, who could both sing and scream, creating a harmonious interplay.

While the audience went wild downstairs, a party took place on stage, fueled by songs like "Die Alone" or "Broken Bones". The band barely paused between songs, giving the audience no chance to catch their breath. But that was exactly as it should be - it allowed the audience to get rid of their everyday frustrations all together, whether by dancing or in the mosh pit.


Kill The Lights delivered an old-school concert at its best, which not only demonstrated their musical skills, but also conveyed the feeling of being part of a community. A feeling that leaves you looking forward to the next concert. By the way, if you missed the tour, you should definitely listen to their new album, which was released last week. Here is the link to the Spotify Stream.

Kill The Lights Konzert im MTC, Köln mit Drawn By Evil

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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