Kings Of Leon release new album "Can We Please Have Fun"

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Kings Of Leon unveil new album "Can We Please Have Fun" + Our soundtrack for the weekend

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Sometimes we long for lightness in life, for a moment of calm to stop the world and ask ourselves: "Are we still having fun?" Kings Of Leon answer this question for themselves on their latest album.


Kings Of Leon are a phenomenon, a sound of their own. Named after the three brothers' grandfather and influenced by their father's work as an itinerant preacher, their music reflects a certain harmony that they have maintained since their first album "Youth and Young Manhood". Their mixture of southern rock and alternative rock is light-hearted and dynamic, and has already given us catchy tunes such as "Sex On Fire", which are sung along to all over the world. Their new album "Can We Please Have Fun" also displays these qualities, which give the international band its honesty and down-to-earth attitude.


The question "Are we still having fun?" runs like a red thread through the album and its individual songs. In the track "Nowhere to run" in particular, this question is mentioned in interplay with the title of the song. Listening to the song makes you feel like you're facing an unstoppable apocalypse, trying to live your last day on earth as if you've finally found the answer to this question. It's a combination of living in the moment and making firm plans. Where am I going and where do I want to go? Kings Of Leon lead us through life's search for meaning in the individual tracks, which sometimes make us pause and sometimes let us move on. Everyone has to take the first step themselves, and "Can We Please Have Fun" is an impetus to recognize what is important in life.


The band delivers a melodic sound journey through life that tells a coherent story from song to song. Beginnings and endings always fit together, creating a harmonious leitmotif of rock and light indie. Again and again, the momentum is taken, moments are created where you hold your breath for a moment, and then again places where you just want to sing along loudly and celebrate.


"Can We Please Have Fun" is a clear recommendation, and today's release makes for an ideal start to the weekend. If you want to see Kings Of Leon live this summer, I can only suggest that you visit this year's Deichbrand Festival on July 19.


A European tour for the album is not yet known, but will certainly follow next year. Until then, we'll keep you up to date!


Photocredit: Kings Of Leon

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