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Lautstärke present their new album "Vom Morgen danach".

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Laustärke - The quartet recently made fans and friends of German punk pop take notice and surprised with the release of a new homemade work, which I would definitely like to suggest to you today. With the title "From the morning after" the band enters the ring of light, modern, but also varied punk and face the dark sides as well as moments of happiness in life.


Here in Euskirchen, a good distance behind Cologne, Germany, there are Volume and already met us at one or the other band night. Immediately at the first live audition I noticed that they sound exactly the same as on their records: Authentic, honest and always with a little humor. Exactly these attributes are also reflected in their lyrics, which inspire the listener with their eloquence and ambiguity. Here presents Volume bluntly the realities of life, in the form of their new disc.


"From the morning after" is a journey... a journey that leads you through the valley of trust, hope and inevitably past relationship pain and fun. It's a colorful and exciting mix of all the experiences that each of us has had in life and brings them to the point with a little charm and wit. Volume shows with this album that it is okay to make mistakes, to have doubts or to feel happiness because that is what life is all about. At the same time, they also denounce problems in society, such as the handling of the refugee crisis. The disc comprises a fabulous nineteen tracks (which are divided into fifteen songs and four sequences in which there are backgrounds to the songs). The individual songs are all carefully coordinated and form an all-round package. Especially songs like "Fog", "Help Me" or "Never mind." are, in my opinion, absolute highlights that you should not forget when listening to them for the first time.


With their new album let Volumefans of the band and the genre, (in such turbulent times) once again sniff normality and can clearly convince with rough edges. Their debut album is available everywhere online, but we personally would like to suggest you the CD because the appearance of the cover rounds off the whole.


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