Lowlives release debut album "Freaking Out"

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Lowlives present a strong debut album with “Freaking Out” + Our “Album of the Month for May!

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Is grunge back? Maybe not exactly, but there is a hint of this raw energy in the new album by the band Lowlives, which will be released on May 31. With “Freaking Out”, the group presents its first record that is entirely dedicated to the feeling of the music.


Find out what it sounds like here. Our “Album of the Month” for May!


Lowlives are new to the scene, but not quite. The founding members of the band, vocalist Lee Downer (The Defiled) and drummer Luke Johnson (Amen, Lostprophets), are no strangers to the music industry and have been involved in various projects. The impetus for Lowlives came from their desire to make music again with all their heart, with a lot of passion and above all in a way that makes it fun.


“During my time away from music, someone bought a pair of child’s ear defenders for my wife and I as a present when we announced we were pregnant,” Johnson recalls. “I’d put them away in the cupboard, thinking we’d never need them, that I wouldn’t be playing any shows again. But they became this thing that nagged at me, the feeling that my daughter would never know the original me, for whom music was everything. Over time, those feelings came flooding back, as did the hunger, and the innocence. A massive part of me had been missing, and I wanted to get back to doing something pure and for the sheer love of it. That’s what Lowlives is. Whatever happens, happens. Let’s just Thelma And Louise this off a cliff.”


You can't get away from music, especially not as a full-blooded musician like this. Together with guitarist Jaxon Moore and bassist Steve Lucarelli, Lowlives have grown into a force to be reckoned with, reviving the alternative rock and grunge of the 90s. The band is now offering a first taste of this with their debut album “Freaking Out”, which is shaping the summer with ten songs.


Lowlives present their debut album bluntly and honestly. With the first song, which is also the title track of the album, they break conventions and invite you to celebrate. Energetic and demanding, the new album literally casts a spell over you and, in keeping with the title “Freaking Out”, makes you forget your everyday worries. Their sound moves between honest grunge and harder rock that literally screams out emotions. Lowlives revive the feeling of 90s rock, but add their own touch to it, creating music that definitely bears their signature.


While you can hear a broad sound spectrum of different influences on their album, the band also tackles themes such as love, self-acceptance and inner demons that speak directly to you. Songs such as “Getting High on Being Low” or “Out of Step” in particular are part of this, but the song “Loser” also makes you empathize, as it is about an outsider who falls in love with an outsider.



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Lowlives have created a strong album with their debut, and we can hardly wait for their live performance. Listen to the new album, grab a copy and stay up to date with us - you can find out more about the band here.


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