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"First, it comes differently and secondly than you think" to start with a quote, which describes the emergence of our today's live report probably apt. Like every morning, I sat in front of the TV with a cup of tea and let the morning magazine take its effect on me. Besides what's going on in the world, MoMa likes to introduce artists, on what is probably the "smallest stage in the world". Already the introduction of Matt Andersen let me become bright ears because the story of the artist was immediately sympathetic to me. When the man started to sing I decided to write a review about him. So I quickly set up the laptop, searched Dr. Google for "Matt Andersen" and asked for the contact address with the request for photo material for our review. It did not take long since we got three pictures and a press release as well as the information,

that he would play that day in Hamburg and the next day in Cologne. Cologne is so seen "our living room" so briefly talked to the colleagues and quickly the decision was made to go to Cologne to see the concert. We thanked them very much for the quick answer and the info, despite the short time until the gig, asked if it was possible to get an interview appointment with Matt Andersen. Unfortunately, an interview was no longer possible, but we were amazed when we were invited to the concert in Cologne to report about it. Thanks again to Patricia and Matt for this. Full of anticipation, we set off early to avoid getting stuck in rush hour traffic. Contrary to our fears, we reached the Frechen exit so early that we spontaneously decided to pay a visit to the Toys "R" Us located at the exit. As it is, play makes hungry

so that it continued only after a short stopover at the big "M" which is fortunately located directly opposite the "small children, big children world". On to "Studio 672". Arriving there, we had not considered that the search for a parking space in Cologne is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately we found a parking lot directly opposite the studio after we had passed it three times before. Punctually at 19:30 we had made it and lined up at the entrance to the "studio". The Studio 672 is a real insider tip. The stage is only one step higher than the auditorium and the room itself, with a directly integrated bar, is quite manageable. This and the proximity of the artists to the audience create an atmosphere that is second to none. Excitedly we helped ourselves at the bar and waited anxiously for the appearance of the Canadian. To our surprise

However, Matt Andersen did not enter the stage at 8 pm, but Jan Salander who had supported Matt at his previous performances in Germany. Jan is a singer / songwriter from Hamburg and plays besides his own songs various well-known songs which he reinterprets in his own way. Standing on stage with only a guitar, we were able to experience for the first time what makes a concert at Studio 672 so special. Since artist and audience are on the same level and stand directly in front of each other, a very private atmosphere is created, which is rarely experienced at concerts. Jan managed to win over the crowd with his relaxed manner and his very soulful voice from the first song on. Especially the song "Fight" stayed in our minds, which we suggest you to listen to. Usually we use the breaks between the supporter and the main act to run to the bar in a hurry before going to

many others come up with the same idea. In Studio 672, the whole thing is more relaxed: from the stage 10 steps to the bar without risk of missing anything, briefly cooled down the body and 10 steps back again to stand in the front row at the stage. Waiting at the stage, we took the opportunity to talk to visitors who were waiting next to us at the stage. They told us that they were quite surprised when they heard that Matt Andersen would be performing at Studio 672, as he usually performs on bigger stages. While we were still chatting, Matt entered the stage with his guitar, a piece of paper and a bottleneck, sat down on the chair and looked around for a moment. He calmly greeted the audience and, as if he were sitting with a few friends, told them a little about the upcoming program: he said that he would play

will first make a little music and then gladly takes the time to sign the one or other CD / record or other. Just smiling about the relaxed manner, we were quite fast the spit away when he started to play. It is quite difficult to describe an artist like Matt fairly, because you simply should have experienced him. Both his voice and the way he plays the guitar is quite impressive. Both brought together live on stage is truly unparalleled and definitely one of the best concerts we have attended and experienced so far. From piece to piece Matt drew the audience more and more under his spell and quickly it became clear to us that there is not just a blues musician in front of us, but a true exceptional artist. Matt would not have needed a microphone because the volume of his voice would have been enough to fill the room. In the Moma it was reported that he

taught himself to play the guitar. When you hear him play, you may not believe it. Matt plays and sings with an ease that we have never seen live. Again and again he thrilled the audience with his performance. At some point, however, every magic comes to an end and when one side of his guitar broke during the last song, everyone in the hall thought that this moment had come. But what does a full-blooded musician like Matt do in such a moment? He gives the encore times just Acapella to the best and set so, a grandiosen evening the crown on. To thank him, the audience said goodbye with a lot of applause from the stage. At some point, however, every magic comes to an end and when one side of his guitar tore during the last song, everyone in the hall thought that this moment had come. But what does a full-blooded musician like Matt do in such a moment? He gives the encore times just acapella to the best and set so,

the crown on a grandiose evening. To thank him, the audience said goodbye to him with a lot of applause from the stage. So much for us and our visit to Matt Andersen. Should Matt play again in Germany we can only recommend you to visit one of his concerts. We will definitely do it again.

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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