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Merchcowboy and Montreal raise money for #Handforahand with benefit sampler

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In 2020, almost 80,000 events were canceled (as of 20 March - the figures have certainly risen), which has not only affected artists in the music industry, but every single person in the event industry. It is bad enough that culture in Germany is suffering in all its facets, but the fact that many employees in these industries are falling off the grid of government support is incomprehensible. Due to this ongoing situation, people in the industry are reaching out to each other and helping each other, which is also what the #handforahand clearly shows:


#handforahand is a non-profit initiative of Junge Literaturvermittlung Köln e.V. and was created out of necessity by a promoter of artistic and musical activities to support those in the event industry who are suffering from the Corona crisis and are not covered by the system. These include stage and sound technicians, lighting technicians, stage hands and event assistants and a few others who now receive the help they need through this private solidarity fund, which is fed by donations.


This is precisely the action that entrepreneurs Carsten (Merchcowboy) and frontman Deer from Montreal and a benefits sampler with the title "Merchcowboy Mixtape Vol.1" supported. Both have been severely affected by the coronavirus crisis themselves and have friends and acquaintances in their circle who have been affected by the pandemic. #handforahand was helped. For this reason, the two of them, together with the artists who contributed to the album, are doing their bit and donating the proceeds from the album. Among others, bands such as Donots, H! Spencer, Madson, Royal Republic and many more, which are waiting for you on the album with a concentrated load of punk, rock and alternative. Deer tells about the campaign:


"Of course, most artists and bands have lost the very important concert income, but many are still able to keep their heads above water thanks to GEMA distributions, online store merch sales, streaming income and record sales. Unfortunately, the situation is very different for technicians, stagehands and event helpers - almost all of them have had exactly NOTHING in their accounts since March."


The sampler is limited to 1000 copies and is available in the bands' stores and on Montreal/ Merchcowboy can be purchased. We are definitely convinced by this campaign and highly recommend that you also buy a copy of this unconventional and unique sampler. It's worth it!


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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