Montreal veröffentlichen "Am Achteck nichts Neues" am 12. April

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Montreal's new album: "Am Achteck nichts Neues" - A nostalgic journey through 20 years of band history

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"Friends for life" - a principle that also applies to the band Montreal. This year, the band celebrates its 20th anniversary and looks back on the last two decades with a few surprises and lots of music.


Their new album "Am Achteck nichts Neues" will be released on 12 April - don't miss it!


Montreal is one of those bands that give German punk a name. Formed at school from friends Yonas, Hirsch and Max Power, the members still share an invisible bond that only becomes visible when you listen to their music. Honest punk meets sometimes critical, humorous lyrics that always provide a smile. Songs that describe life or invite you to celebrate. There are many attributes that can be used to describe Montreal, and yet their music speaks for itself and allows you to take a nostalgic trip back to their beginnings with their new album.


"Am Achteck nichts Neues" - To finance their very first album, the boys often worked in beer lorries, which are popularly known as "Achteck". Memories from a time that are nostalgic flow into their latest work. As eloquent as ever, their new album covers a wide range of topics such as love, world views, society's expectations and self-discovery. The song "Was ich bin" ("What I am") in particular gets to the heart of the dichotomy between what is demanded and the resulting pressure and let you take a deep breath with its phrase "Am liebsten bin ich bei dir" ("I prefer to be with you") amidst all the chaos in the world.


On this album, Montreal literally play with new trends ("FOMO Sapiens") and take the otherwise serious world a little less seriously with their familiar charm ("Mein Korn").


Musically, the band has found a nice mix of punk and rock that is always open to surprises. It can be dynamic, fast and exciting, then there are passages where the momentum is taken out without neglecting the necessary energy. These little moments show the work and passion of the band, which they combine with a sense of freedom. At times it feels as if you are being led through different life stories, with Montreal providing the musical background. A good feeling!


From songs like "Am Achteck Nichts Neues" to "Bis in den Morgen" and "War es das wert" - it's a colourful mix that takes you out of your everyday life and sends you straight into the summer. If you want to see the band live this summer, you should check out festivals like Southside, Open Flair, Highfield and many more. You can find out more about their festival appearances and their sold-out tour here.


For us, the new album from Montreal is an incredible listening experience that we can only award the title "Album Of The Month" this month. An absolute recommendation from us.


Photocredit: Ania Sudbin

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