Onexx present new EP "Phase II: Into the distance"

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Onexx present their latest EP "Phase II: Into the Distance" - The end of an era

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Underground meets metal - Today Onexx present their latest EP "Phase II: In die Ferne", bringing a successful series to a fitting conclusion with their latest release.


Onexx is a three-piece group consisting of Sascha, Frank and Axel, who have dedicated their collective passion to nu-metal. Named after the dark, black mineral, onyx, the band's sound is just as versatile and always surprising: rap, clear or guttural vocals exchange blows, while fast rhythms and energetic choruses leave room for serious themes. Onexx like to play with emotions, which they incorporate into their songs.


"360 degrees everything remains as it was. Nevertheless, we go on, nevertheless we lack sleep"


On their new EP you can also hear a raw, dark side of the band. Your own shadows catch up with you and there is nothing left to do but stand up for yourself and fight. "Phase II: Into the Distance" remains groovy, energetic and above all aggressive, addressing this and other topics in a dystopian tone. Once again, Onexx provide an outlet to let off steam and find the right words for it in songs like "Flut". An inner emotional chaos that is brought to the point in their latest work.


All those who simply want to enjoy good music should not miss Onexx. We can recommend not only this, but also the other EPs, which you should listen to after the release date - it's worth it!


Phase III: Free fall

Phase IV: Down into the void

Phase I: Without updraft

Phase II: Into the distance


Stream "Phase II: Into the Distance" here via Spotify.


Photocredit: Onexx


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