Palps release new album "Black Heart

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Palps unveil expressive album "Black Heart".

Hi and welcome to Lila's review!


Do you know this... When you listen to a new band and immediately get the feeling that this is a sound that won't let you go anytime soon? Exactly this feeling I got when I got into the new record "Black Heart" from Palps .


So it's no wonder that our magazine also published a review to coincide with the album's release.


Palps are a four-piece band from Essex, UK , who released their first EP "Letters To You (That I've Never Send)"wrote down the first lines of their band history. With a uniquely alternative rock sound, influences from pop punk and metal are combined, which Palps will hopefully soon pave the way to much larger stages.


With "Black Heart" the band now releases an expressive work, which fans of the band can look forward to. When playing the first song "AVA"At first you get the feeling that this is a classic alternative rock album, with harmonic passages and catchy melodies. Palps take their music in a direction of their own, far from familiar tones, which really surprised us: as soon as the voices in the bridge begin with "AVA" sound to a chorus, the sound breaks and becomes gloomy as well as energetic. Just for this cut in their sound, which is both direct and harmonic, the band deserves a chapeau from us! Also in the other songs this charming style is taken up and connected with choruses to sing along, as in "Love, Always". A special expression gives the voice of the singer Alex their sound, which literally screams pent-up emotions simply out into the world. Unadorned and honest, the band tells in the eight songs about inner discord, loss and love, in whose individual passages you will surely find yourself.


Palps have come up with something special for this album and tell in eight chapters the story of Matt, who tries to lead a normal life next to his mental problems. The band writes:


"Black Heart at its core is about how traumatic events and mental health struggles can leave you hardened, no longer able to express love in the same way that you used to and can often lead to you hurting those closest to you, without you even realizing it."


The band tells Matt's story in eight consecutive music videos, which introduce three other characters, Rose, Charlotte and the Plague Doctor, around him. In each video you follow Matt and the dichotomy he is in, trying to feel and being numb at the same time. At the same time, they also show the pull of his negative thoughts that hold him down and also weigh down those around him. It is a cycle that the band presents in all its facets and draws attention to it.


Black Heart" is thought-provoking and shows both the side of the relatives and the side of the sufferer, who are powerless in any situation and do not know how to deal with it. A race against time, and who wins? You should definitely watch it for yourself, for which you can start here with the first video.



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The band has worked out a holistic concept for their album, the extent of which we couldn't believe when we played the first song. It is not only very coherent, musically as well as lyrically, but also thematically a really strong album, which we can only recommend you to listen to. Save the date: 07 October!


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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