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Pure Reason Revolution presents brand new brand new album after ten years + music video

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Pure Reason Revolution is back - with her latest work "Eupnea" presents the band's first album in almost ten years and gives us something to look forward to: a distinctive sound that has remained with them.


The band wrote down the first lines of their story almost two decades ago when they formed at Westminster University in London. After many rehearsals and songwriting sessions, the then four-piece band released their first single "Apprentice the Universe"which landed in the top 20 of the alternative charts and at number 74 in the singles charts. What Pure Reason Revolution is their sound, which can be categorized as progressive rock. They incorporate various musical genres such as pop and techno and create a sound that is always good for a surprise. Pure Reason Revolution has released two EPs and three longplayers over the years and visited various parts of the world with them. Ten years ago, the band took a break and only reunited two years ago in the form of two of the five founding members. Jon and Chloë who both sing and play instruments in the band. Now follows their brand new album "Eupnea".


"Eupnea"is the name of the long-awaited brand new album by the cult progressive band Pure Reason Revolution. In a total of six songs, the duo processes the experiences and insights of the last few years and takes you on a journey through their glorious beginnings: from the dark atmosphere of "The Dark Third" to the striking soundscape from her album "Hammer and Anvil" fans can look forward to an album that certainly leaves nothing out. Pure Reason Revolution present a comprehensive repertoire of their skills and emphasize this especially with songs like "Silent Genesis"which extends over a period of ten minutes. About the album itself and the resurgence of the band Chloë following:


"The distance from the project gave us reflection time. I think all of us wanted to have a go at some other things, see what they were like and then maybe come back to it. We wanted it to feel firmly proggy as well as exciting and new, and raw."


With their new album in their luggage Pure Reason Revolution will be touring France, England and Germany. You can find all concert dates as usual here with us.


Curious now? Then watch their music video for "Ghosts & Typhoons":



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