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RAMA release brand new album "Everything Is One

Hi and welcome to Lila's review!


"Everything Is One". Present new and definitely original RAMA their brand new masterpiece to the fans of rock and instrumental. Curious as we are, we have of course taken a look at the disc and found out the following...


RAMA are four guys from Turin who passionately follow their vocation. Influenced by various bands like for example The Black Angels they found their very own way to a thoroughly new sound. RAMA combines various elements of rock and creates extraordinary pieces that can easily have a track length of more than ten minutes. They create a powerful and intense atmosphere, which is through its spherical and uneven sounds, a successful change to many rock pieces.


The new disc is a "Themes - Album"which refers to naturalness. With everything that happens around you, you are connected. There exists the freedom to be oneself and at the same time nothing."Everything Is One" reflects the image of a rough and uneven desert that is constantly changing. Especially successful are the transitions, which are fluid. Here's what the guys have to say about their new record:


"The four tracks that make up the record, which by their nature are linked both musically and in the story that tell and represent the four natural elements, intertwine the historical research of the man with the essence of himself in the whole that surrounds him."


With their new disc convinced RAMA us in any case. The band has produced an album that not only sounds good, but also looks good. We highly recommend you to check out "Everything Is One" to listen in. It is worth it in any case!


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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