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Rock im Bahnhof announces itself for 5 November + Continued of Rock im Fort

On 5.11. takes place in Bergheim Quadrath Ichendorf the very first "Rock im Bahnhof" event. Rock im Bahnhof is the continuation of the legendary Rock im Fort event from Cologne ,which had its premiere exactly ten years ago. In 2017 it was unfortunately over ,but now the event is brought back to life in a new setting.


Just like back then, the focus will be on good rock music, four bands will perform, there will be cold beer and - just like back then - admission is free!


What's missing now is the crowd, so come in numbers!


Where? Frenser Str. 11, 50127 Bergheim

When? 05 November, 6 pm

Bands. Ice Cream At The Alligator Park, Whorehouse Love, Arise In Silence and Undo


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Instagram: Rock in the Banhof


Press release: Rock im Bahnhof

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