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Sold Out. It's a sign that many bands wish for when they plan another tour to Europe. Set It Off has already played a celebrated and sold-out headlining tour through the United Kingdom and some of their shows in more distant countries have also been completely sold out. We experienced the reason for this ourselves when we visited their concert in Cologne. Set It Off have been on our must-see list for a long time, as they are one of those bands that usually fall with names like Pierce The Veil or Sleeping With Sirens. Since their formation in 2008, the band is always reinventing themselves, constantly looking for musical challenges, which they realise with their albums. Their sound, however, remains true to pop punk and combines it with modern influences.

It is precisely these two qualities, their authenticity and their openness to new things, that make the band's music so special , and that their fans appreciate. With their fans, or rather their second family, the band has a very strong connection, which we also felt at the concert. However, the reunion of both had to wait a long time due to Corona and endure two albums until it finally happened. Now with their latest work "Elsewhere" and the falling restrictions also overseas, there was no holding them back. Coming together with Weathers to Germany, a band we already followed in their early days with "Happy Pills", we were delighted to be able to see them on their first European tour in combination with Set It Off. Weathers play a combination of rock and pop, which always takes a different direction than expected.

Sometimes they mix pop with psychedelic rock, add electro influences or keep it classic with atmospheric alternative rock. The band clearly plays their own sound, which is why they were all the more fitting as openers for Set It Off. The perfect mix, then, to start the week on a Monday. Arriving at the Essigfabrik, the band's logo was already emblazoned on the wall, and ten minutes later they announced themselves loudly to a packed hall. With "I'm Not Okay", the band couldn't have chosen a better start for their concert. The crowd was immediately taken away by the dynamic energy of the song and the atmosphere immediately heated up. Weathers put this into their performance, where you hardly knew where to look too seriously at the beginning.

From their suits, to their stage presence, to their movements, it felt like you were at a 60s rock concert, with Weathers adding a modern touch here. From songs like "I'm Not Okay" they moved on to "Always Tired" and their anthem "Happy Pills". In between all the sweat and passion, the band also managed to draw attention to the issue of mental health, which they want to convey to the listener through their songs. If that wasn't enough for a successful performance, they didn't do the math with Weathers, who simply covered a song by My Chemical Romance, "Famous Last Words". Awesome! To go along with their entire performance, their interaction with the audience was on point, so that at every opportunity, be it just singing along to their latest song "Where Do I Sign?", they did.

We couldn't have imagined a better band for this mammoth task and hope to welcome them back to Germany soon, perhaps as headliners. Set It Off duly earned the title "headliner" that evening. There were simply too many highlights that we want to tell you about, but which wouldn't fit into the whole report. The fact is, however, that the band themselves said that Cologne was their highlight of the entire tour and even surpassed London, their biggest headline show to date, in terms of volume and feeling. After an impressive, lengthy intro, in which good entertainment was provided by songs such as "Barbie, Ken", Set It Off started the first song. "Skeleton" started the show and couldn't have been better:

Immediately the crowd got into the mood and the whole hall sang along with the individual passages. The band also adapted to their fans and you had the feeling that they knew exactly what the crowd needed. The first two songs from "Elsewhere" really pulled you into the album, which is simply no comparison to listening to it on Spotify and the like. Rather, the experience was enhanced by their stage show, which we just really have to highlight at this point. There were longer glow sticks on stage, which were matched with the spotlights. Here, in addition to an incredibly good sound technician, there was definitely also a light technician who partly let the colours of the rainbow shine, matching the album as well. One immediately felt transported to "Alice in Wonderland", which of course "Elsewhere" also alludes to a bit.

From one world, you went straight into the next with songs like "Killer In The Mirror", where singer Cody just threw himself into the crowd, or "Ancient History", where he explicitly conveyed the message that you should better not have any contact with your ex. Why? The song explained. After the audience really let out all their energy and went wild together with the band, Set It Off showed that they also know how to play the softer tones. For example, Cody dedicated an Irish fallen song to his father who recently passed away and during the middle of the song, which he performed on the piano, he played the clarinet, which was not the only instrument Cody chose to play that night. The band had not only created a really good concert experience with their individual songs and their selections, which flowed smoothly into each other, but also topped it all off with their own medley of their songs.

Here the long-time fans could show what they were capable of. That this wasn't the end, although the concert couldn't have got any better up to this point, was simply shown by the moment when Cody swapped with drummer Maxx. Maxx greeted the crowd loudly and started to play the ukulele and sing, while Cody played the drums as if it was his main instrument. At this point simply: Chapeau! As the concert drew to a close and "Why Worry" was chosen as a successful ending, the calls for another song grew louder, which Set It Off of course answered. Cody thanked the audience on behalf of the band, calling them "Crowd of the Tour". We also credit the fact that they specifically highlighted Weathers again and told their fans to continue to visit them on tours, listen to their music, etc. in the future.

Set It Off concert in Cologne 2022

You could just see how flashed and overwhelmed the band was by an evening they were able to share and create together with their fans. When they announced the encore it was clear which song would be played: "Wolf In Sheep Clothes". One last time the crowd went wild with Set It Off, the fun and joy written all over their faces. After a hearty farewell with the band, which lasted long after the show, we went home, even though we would have preferred to stay after such an evening.

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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