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Set To Change unveil new single "Still Torn"

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Loudly set the guys from Set To Change with their latest release "Still Torn"a clear sign in the direction of the world stage. With a fresh, modern hardcore punk in the luggage, the young band represents a very own style combined with soft as well as hard passages, which we want to recommend to you today.


But who is Set To Change?


Founded about two years ago in neighboring Paris, France is Set To Change a four-piece band consisting of Antoine, Stéphane, Arthur and Jeb. Even though the formation of the band is not long ago, this is not at all noticeable in their music and it sounds as if they have already been on stage together for a decade. Influenced by greats like Stick To Your Guns and Beartooth they mix elements of post-hardcore and deathcore into their actual genre, hardcore punk. It's rough, hard and melodic -. Set To Change even. Last year also followed their long-awaited debut with their EP "The Great Nothing", which we can only recommend as an introduction to the world of the Parisian hardcore band.


Now they close with their latest song "Still Torn" to their last record and let fans look forward to a sound with which hopefully soon a whole album will be filled. About the song the guys tell the following:


"As a child, growing up means going through the tough process of learning through the others and pretty much everywhere you go: the school would provide you with formal education, while the family would design your behavior, your thinking, your beliefs, the good and the bad. Then always comes the time where you question this construct, which is immediately shut because everybody knows this is how it goes: this is how it's always been and this is how it always will be. Still Torn is about understanding that you are not what your elders meant for you to be. It's about taking down everything that doesn't make you as you intend to be. Only then you can get rid of your deepest torments. Only then you find peace."


What do you think about it? In any case, we're hungry for more and will keep you up to date on further releases.


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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