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Stand ATlantic "Coffee at Midnight" music video, new EP and much more

Heya my Immortals and welcome to Lila's News!


It was Monday. With a cup of coffee in hand, I sipped through our studio, feverishly working on the next schedule for the coming week. As I was about to take a sip of my hot drink, my cell phone rang. Annoyed, I put the cup down, unlocked the little thing and looked to see what was going on. A notification from Stand Atlantics. Immediately I opened this and my mood rose quickly when I saw the new music video "Coffee at Midnight" I saw. I couldn't help but smile, so I settled down on Eddie (Eddie is our cool studio stool) and watched the video....


That's right, my Immortals, you read correctly! Stand Atlantic has released a new music video called "Coffee at Midnight". This was made by Kieran Ellis-Jones and is now the first video under their new label Rude Records (read more here). The Front singer Bonnie fiber made the following statement:


"We wanted to show a more abstract/non linear story in the video of two people's relationship, something that most people can relate to. Our director Kieran Ellis-Jones was great to work with and really brought everything to life."


In any case, this song can be heard on a continuous loop from our speakers. Do you like it too? If you are not a fan yet, you can be convinced now. Here is the new music video:



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On September 15 they continue with the release of their EP "Sidewinder"! Here the fans can expect even more power packed songs. The trio will soon go on tour, at home in Australia and internationally. So check back with us often ūüėČ


I'm going to go charge my phone now....


Image source: Brandon Lung


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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