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On August 28th we drove from our living room in Cologne to the "far" away Oberhausen in order to meet in the Turbine hall 1 about a concert we have been looking forward to for a long time. I think that some of our Immortals who grew up as children of the 90s, our next live act should be very well known, the choruses like: "Cause I'm in too deep and I'm trying to keep up above in my head, instead of going under" , SUM 41 together with sizes like The Offspring or Green Day gave punk a whole new face. For such a concert you could not have chosen a better location than the Turbine hall 1 can choose. Although the location is already a somewhat larger venue with a capacity of just under 3000 fans, the

U-shaped balcony, on which numerous fans find space, a very special atmosphere that you simply must have experienced. Even before the concert, the atmosphere was great and so we chatted with some of the fans and the very relaxed stewards. Arrived at the barrier to the photo pit, we already met some colleagues who were just talking about the fact that there should be a few fulltime passes (these entitle you to take pictures during the whole concert) in addition to the normal photo passes. What can I say except, "thank you Walter for sending us one of those passports."Even more motivated, after this unexpected news, we feverishly awaited the beginning of the concert when then at point 20 Waterparks, as support for SUM, entered the stage to start the evening with the song "Blonde" to open. The band from the land of

unlimited possibilities not only delivered a good show musically, but also knew how to entertain the audience verbally. From the beginning the guys really heated up the masses, so that not much time passed until the first circle pits formed. The more the audience joined in, the more they gave their all. Waterparks Gas. Especially the crowd went to the song "Rare" which came across even better live than on the latest disc of the guys. Of course pieces like "Stupid For You" (PARKBOYZ!) or "Royal"which are among the most famous songs of the band are not missing in the repertoire. "It's our first time here in Oberhausen." told Awsten, singer of Waterparks and we hope this was not the last time! Waterparks had with your performance a really good template for the later SUM 41 Concert delivered and the masses mighty heated up. A fitting prelude for an even more successful

evening (as it should turn out later). There was not much time to cool down even during the stage change, because the fans continued to be heated up with songs from various corners of metal and rock during the break. Be it "Choep Suey" from System Of A Down, Papa Roach "Last Resort" or from Green Day, "American Idiot" all songs which the masses sang along even during the break... until, yes, until suddenly the room went dark and the curtain, which previously only allowed shadows on the stage to be perceived dimly, was suddenly brightly lit in different colors. An intro mixed with various songs from all over the world ended with a huge bang that brought the curtain down and enveloped the hall in a shower of confetti. The masses were beside themselves and even before the confetti could fall to the ground, opened SUM 41 is back with "Everybody's got their problems. Everybody's says the same things to you" (The Hell Song)

the show. Right from the first song the whole hall moshed and so it didn't take long until the first crowdsurfers were accepted by the security at the photo pit. The fans celebrated every single song and so the singing of the masses echoed through the whole hall. The more SUM turned up the more the fans went off and increasingly the atmosphere in Turbinenhalle 1 rose. But not only the classics of the band like "Makes No Difference" brought the place to a boil: Again and again built SUM classics of other bands into the show. So it came about that Frank in a drum solo among others "Do what they told you" from Rage Against The Machine or that the guys from out of the blue "We Will Rock You" from Queen in such an energetic version that the crowd literally couldn't stop. Even the security man in front of us couldn't get himself

and went off with them. Rarely have we been able to witness that a band put an entire hall into such ecstasy as SUM did in Turbinenhalle 1. Full of power until the end and at the end the guys played a finale with "Fat Lip" that turned the whole hall into a moving mass and if the walls of Turbinenhalle 1 weren't so solid, SUM 41 would have surely torn the place down that night. It was a concert experience, which one does not forget so easily and yes, we can only advise everyone to give themselves SUM 41 once live. Special thanks to: Walter and Leonardo..... Thanks a lot!


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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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