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Two weeks after our adventure on the Loreley, the next challenge was just around the corner: a visit to the Terror concert in Cologne. Such an opportunity we took of course and went to Cologne on June 27th... After a long drive, which came along with a lot of traffic jams and parking problems, we arrived at the MTC. Quickly we dialed the number of the manager and shortly after we went, closely followed by the singer Scott Bird, down the stairs into the MTC. If a location has earned the designation scene club, then the MTC. The rather small club, where already bands like Attila holds nearly 300 people and has earned its reputation as one of the best rock clubs in Cologne.

From the entrance left, past the bar and a few seats, which have seen better times, you are already in front of the stage, which is just as high as a beer crate in the rear part of the MTC lifts up. Immediately the images of the masses on a Terror usual "concert" through my head and I couldn't help smiling slightly at the sight of the rather manageable room. This will be fun, I thought to myself. Sitting on one of the benches found Martin Stewart the guitarist of the band and our interview partner today. He casually exchanged a few words with the manager, while the restless masses were already streaming into the pub. After a short back and forth, we decided to conduct the interview outside, because the light was better there. The video of the interview you can find further Above on the page.

After a fairly relaxed interview in front of a backdrop that was very unusual for us, we descended again to the MTC and positioned ourselves in front of the stage where the soundcheck was already in full swing. Wisdom in Chains. A band from Pennsylvania, which has been active in the hardcore scene for several years now, started to entertain the visitors of the MTC to get them up to operating temperature. From an initially quite restrained headbanging developed quite quickly a first pogoing. Immediately the singer went, Mad Joe BlackThe band was very responsive to this and asked the audience to widen the circle. From piece to piece, the band and the audience got used to each other and the previously pleasant air turned into a mixture of sweat and beer. The conditions for a successful concert evening were thus created. The more the audience went off the more ambitious and faster the guys played. Wisdom in Chains convinced us

with their performance all along the line so that we are looking forward to seeing the guys as the main act. For die-hard hardcore fans, in our opinion, a must. Just stood Wisdom in Chains still on stage when, a blink of an eye later, the guys of Terror the first notes started and without interruption the crowd took this as an opportunity to really get going. It was as if the room had started to move. Who did not go with the wave had lost mercilessly. Scott seemed to visibly enjoy it and so he held out the microphone to the audience to get them involved. Of course he didn't leave it at that.... He joyfully invited those who felt particularly confident with the lyrics to join him on stage and even left the microphone entirely to them. Full of enthusiasm and carried by the bawling crowd, they sang a few passages of the song that was just starting before they sang themselves out with a


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The band left the stage again with a hearty jump into the crowd. We have honestly never experienced a concert where the whole hall was pogoing from the beginning to the end. The air, which was already quite bad, got even worse from one song to the next, but it didn't seem as if the audience cared.... On the contrary, it seemed as if the crowd was pogoing more and more from song to song. The atmosphere was at its peak and it didn't change until the end of the concert. On a Terror Concert one may not be missing of course.... Stage Divin' even with a stage just as high as a beer crate as in the MTC it does not stop the crowd from jumping into the crowd. Very ambitious even with a somersault. Scott seemed to visibly enjoy it as well and kept asking the crowd to increase the pit and jump off the stage. One fan even climbed on top of one of the boxes, squeezed himself

just through the small gap between the box and the ceiling and jumped into the crowd (At this point, my respect). Terror showed from the first to the last song why they are one of the best hardcore bands ever. If at all, there was only one downer on this evening.... the encore demanded by the fans unfortunately failed to materialize, but who can blame the guys with the effort they brought to the stage and the rather bad air as well as the meanwhile tropical temperatures which were in the MTC the guys were certainly happy to get off the stage. When we went out and breathed fresh air for the first time in almost two hours, we met one of the guys from Wisdom in Chains. After a little chat with him and after he wished us a safe journey home, we said goodbye to the MTC and set out to find our parking space. All in all, a really successful evening.

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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