The Plot In You präsentieren neue EP "Vol 2."

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The Plot In You take you on an immersive sound experience with their new EP "Vol. 2"

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Accompanied by an aura of perfection, The Plot In You take us on a journey with their EPs "Vol. I" and "Vol. 2" that could hardly be more aptly described. This US-American band has fought for its firm place in the metal genre and now impressively presents why it deserves this place with its latest release.


The Plot In You is one of those bands that are significantly shaping and redefining the genre with their music. As one of the younger formations, they integrate versatile sounds and use a broad spectrum to bring their vision to life. Their songs are unmistakable, sometimes powerful and punchy, sometimes gentle and inviting. They transport us into an immersive world where every note is unique and captivating.


This experience becomes particularly clear when you move from "Vol. I" to their latest work "Vol. 2". "Closure" inspires with its melody, captivates with its rhythmic guitar playing and the fragile voice of singer Landon.


"'Closure' is about the intricacies of loss and separation. Hoping the best for a loved one but being unable to continue on with their presence in your life."



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As intimate as "Closure" sounds, "Don't Look Away" expands the spectrum to include anger and despair. Musically, it becomes faster, harder and, above all, more insistent! A song that perfectly complements the EP. With "All That I Can Give", the band delivers another anthem that not only expresses the pent-up emotional chaos of the last two songs, but can also provide comfort in difficult times.


The individual songs tell their own stories and yet together offer a complex web of emotions that underlines the versatility of The Plot In You. This EP not only offers a variety of moments of tension that are musically balanced, but also a band that presents its own distinctive sound.


We are excited to see what else The Plot In You have planned for this year and will keep you up to date! If you don't want to miss the last song "All That I Can Give", you should definitely listen to it on May 3rd, this Friday! An absolute recommendation from us.


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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