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The Vaughns present latest work "rom-coms + takeout".

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Today we want to present you a sound that is definitely made for a relaxed weekend like this and provides the ideal background for the prevailing spring weather. Such a sound we have not presented to you in this form before and we are sure that one or the other of you will be enthusiastic about it. The band, which masters this sound to perfection, goes by the name of The Vaughns and recently released her latest EP "rom-coms + takeout".


The story of The Vaughns begins in a small garage in New Jersey, in which the Ryan Kenter (drums) and Anna Lies (vocals) and decided to make music together. After a series of self-organized concerts on the East Coast, several line-up changes and a few releases, it was time to take the next step: Recently signed The Vaughns at the record label Equal Vision and brought about their work "rom-coms + takeout" with which they are now filling the latest chapter of their story.


All the experiences that have accompanied and accompanied them over the years are now presented in their new EP "rom coms + takeout" brought to life. The Vaughns talk in their songs about love, everyday life but also about growing in yourself and looking forward. An important message that they give especially to the listeners -. It's okay to fall as long as you get up again. This is underlined by their melodic, loose as well as natural sound, which runs through the entire three songs of the disc. The Vaughns moves between pop, indie as well as alternative rock and complement this mixture, especially in songs like "All Weekend", with a slight 80s vibe.


Anna tells: "The concept was to simplify our songs, but focus on using different sounds, riffs and instruments to keep them really fascinating. We wanted to get to the roots of what makes a good song."


"rom coms + takeout" provides relief from the stressful everyday life with a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere and is a welcome change despite its length. We hope that you enjoyed this short change into a softer sound and recommend you to definitely check out The Vaughns and listen to their EP.


Here a short foretaste with "Raina":



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