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The Wicked Jackals unveil new EP "About Time" + video

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It wasn't long ago that a message from faraway Watford in England greeted us for our morning coffee. The sender was Lex, bassist of The Wicked Jackalswho sent us a link to his latest EP. Curious as we are, we then listened to the sound of The Wicked Jackals had breakfast. My Immortals, here is our impression:


The company was founded The Wicked Jackals in 2013, when Ollie (guitarist / frontman) and Nick (drummer) met by chance outside a club. It quickly became clear that it was a good fit. As time went on Lex (bassist) and Marty (guitarist) joined the band and the first songs were written. Influenced by various greats such as AC/DC, Guns'n'Roses or Mötley Crüethey play, according to their own statements, melodic hard rock.


With her debut "About Time" the boys reap the fruits of their labor. A tough and dynamic presentation The Wicked Jackals A record that takes you back to long roads, bikers and loud music. The band has clearly conquered this road over the years, with every single note. With its eight songs "About Time" an exciting all-round package that you won't want to miss, especially in the hot temperatures. Especially songs like "Scream" or "Ain't Gonna Change" are real highlights with their energetic sound, which we can only recommend to you!


"About Time" is a record that we really enjoy listening to. The sound is original, light and freedom-loving. The Wicked Jackals has done everything right with their debut and we are looking forward to hearing more from them in the future. From us, an absolute recommendation to buy!


Here is the video for "Ain't Gonna Change":



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Image source: Lex Gifford


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