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The Wonder Years release incredible new album "Sister Cities"

Hallelujah and welcome to Lila's review!


Full of pride and truly excited we present you today the new album of The Wonder Years "Sister Cities". Formed in 2005, in a small town called Lansdale, Pennsylvania arose after the disbandment of the punk group The Premier, the band The Wonder Years. Us had The Wonder Years already with the cover to their third album "Suburbia I've Given You All And Now I'm Nothing" (on which a rather funny looking bird is depicted) in their spell. When we found out that the guys are releasing a new album we were thrilled when we were asked to write about their latest work! (Thanks, Walter!)


After their success with "No Closer To Heaven" they release after three years of album abstinence their latest disc "Sister Cities" is filled to the brim with 11 tracks. Even if the sound of The Wonder Years has continued to develop, the fans of the group can still look forward to the typical sound of the band. With "Sister Cities" the guys release tried and true punk that invites you to sing along at the top of your voice.


Here the sound of the new disc "Sister Cities" very melodic as well as distinctive. One of the absolute highlights is certainly Dan's voice, which can be heard in songs like "When The Blue Finally Come", which takes you along in a special way and thus pulls you under its spell. Dynamic guitar riffs support the whole and underline a fully successful sound. The album in itself is very diverse and includes from fast, loud pieces to quiet and sensitive tones for every taste the right thing - as the saying goes: "The mixture makes it" and these have The Wonder Years is back with "Sister Cities" hit full!


But also the way the band approached the realization of the album pretty much turns every conventional concept upside down. The guys started photographing and documenting everything they saw. Afterwards they had a huge catalog filled with moments that reflected their entire emotional life and created from it "Sister Cities". An unconventional way that paid off...... Chapeau!


Our magazine likes "Sister Cities" very, which is why the disc has also directly got a place on our CD shelf..... Absolute buy recommendation! The guys are currently in Britain on the road and then start their American tour and thus not to see for the time being in our country. But as soon as The Wonder Years play in our area, we will of course inform you 😉


Lila is out, be the beat with you!

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