The Euroblast Festival 2017

Twelve Foot Ninja


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My Immortals.. Welcome to BEHIND THE NOISE!


Our studio had the chance to spend a weekend watching 43 different bands from different countries live, interviewing a few of them and writing a live report or two..... Right, we were at this year's Euroblast Festival on the way. It was already day two and we feverishly awaited the next live act. The guys who later played in front of us were no strangers to us: Twelve Foot Ninja. The five-piece band from Melbourne, Australia has been playing for several years on the stages of this world and are founders of the "Heavy Fusion" Sounds also known as Twelve Foot Ninja Music style. Various discs go to the account of the group, including their latest work "Outlier"which is one of our top 5 albums ever.

This, my Immortals, is a pretty big honor that not everyone gets... But the album is just awesome! Anyway, the band is well known with Nothing More and produces really good music videos in his own direction. Exactly this band we were allowed to see again after almost half a year and there was of course great joy on both sides. During this interview we were allowed to talk to Rohan and Russ and could learn a lot about the band and their music. But more about that in the interview...! From one second to the other it became pitch black in the Main Stage hall. The guys from Twelve Foot Ninja entered the stage and when the lights turned on again, they started with a huge bang. Already at the beginning the masses were really heated up. Twelve Foot Ninja stood out with a very relaxed performance that showed that they really enjoy music. Be it the breathtaking light show that evening or their "Heavy Fusion" Sound:


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It simply harmonized and made this concert a success! Even if, the technology had failed once, Twelve Foot Ninja saw this very calmly and inspired the masses again at the latest at "Collateral". The change between hard metal passages and, for example, funky tones, also affected the pogoing of the audience: Started with the soft passages, developed from the hard pogoing crowd, a grooving 80 years party which threw their arms in the air to the chilling sound and danced exuberantly..... But, who wouldn’t have done that! This time, we just can't pick a highlight out of the whole show, because the performance itself is a highlight. Therefore, we recommend you to visit one of their concerts, if they enter your area. It is worth it! A small foretaste provides in our gallery the video "The Sound of...", which we have set up on the Euroblast Festival have turned.

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In our BEHIND THE NOISE column we write about everything around the metal & rock scene and take a look behind the spotlights to give you a better insight into the concert. At this concert, too, we were able to collect exciting and new memories, which we will of course not withhold from you. Intense, unconventional and intoxicating. Welcome to the concert!

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